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To ask for help choosing a new fridge freezer?

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Pickupapenguinnnn · 29/03/2020 07:34

I prefer the retro looking ones. Need at least 30% freezer space. What are your opinions and experiences with Swan, Gorenje and Servis? Smeg out of the question.

Would be open to a non-retro one but as attractive as possible. I get they're there for a purpose but would like something I enjoy looking at!!


OP posts:
Trumpton · 29/03/2020 08:17

I love my Gorenje . I wanted fridge on top and a good size freezer . I bought mine from John Lewis but they don’t seem to have it now
It’s this HERE

To ask for help choosing a new fridge freezer?
Bayleaf25 · 29/03/2020 08:29

Definitely go frost free, I didn’t (to save a few quid) and the build up of ice is a pain in the butt. I much preferred my old frost free fridge freezer.

Roselilly36 · 29/03/2020 08:38

Frost free definitely, LG seem good quality, personally I don’t like the American style ones, I had one 15 years ago, the glass shelves in the freezer were a pain, I don’t think they store as much as baskets/drawers. I have large fridge on top & 3 drawer freezer drawers below now. Hopefully the purchase is not too urgent as many fridge freezers are out of stock due to high demand over cv pandemic.

Pickupapenguinnnn · 29/03/2020 09:17

@Trumpton is that frost free? Also is it a yellowy cream or more of a white cream?

OP posts:
Pickupapenguinnnn · 29/03/2020 09:18

@Bayleaf25 I'm very keen on frost free. Annoyingly it seems all the retro ones are less likely to be frost free unless you pay a lot more.

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Trumpton · 29/03/2020 11:26

The freezer does need to be defrosted but with a bowl of hot water on each shelf is not a chore to me .
Colour . Hmm I would say a rich cream . Def not yellow . I can post a photo if you want .

livelyredjellybean · 29/03/2020 11:32

Massively impressed with my Grundig! Not retro looking but a fab fridge-freezer 🙂

Dita73 · 29/03/2020 11:33

I’m after a new one too. Has anyone tried a Haier? They seem to be everywhere

Pickupapenguinnnn · 29/03/2020 16:50

@Trumpton a photo would be great thank you! Is it particularly noisy?

OP posts:
Trumpton · 29/03/2020 17:33

No . Not noisy . It was the first day and I was ooooh ! But it settled down quickly .
We bought it August 2016 ( gosh 4 years ago ) and have been very happy with it .
Umm the black tape on the top drawer is because I broke it , my fault entirely. But duct tape is good !

To ask for help choosing a new fridge freezer?
To ask for help choosing a new fridge freezer?
To ask for help choosing a new fridge freezer?
Pickupapenguinnnn · 29/03/2020 19:13

@Trumpton thank you, gorgeous fridge!

OP posts:
Trumpton · 29/03/2020 19:37

I do love it and did a fair bit of research before we bought it !

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