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to take my Mum at her word? Calling all Grandmas! :)

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MrsTittleMouse · 01/09/2007 10:07

Hello there,
A bit of background: We used to live abroad, but now have moved back to the UK and live a couple of hours away from my parents. DD is my Mum's only grandchild, and she loves her to bits. DD loves her back, and cries when Granny leaves the room. We haven't had an easy time since I was pregnant and DD was born, and my Mum keeps offering to do anything she can for us. So I tend to use her as babysitting when she comes to visit, or ask her to take DD off my hands for a while so I can rest. She always seems really keen, and does keep telling me that she's happy to do this, but I do ask her quite a lot.
Am I taking advantage?

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Alambil · 01/09/2007 11:38

if that's taking advantage then I do too!!

My mum has my ds a lot for me - we visit every day, she's having him tonght, will have him other times if I need a babysitter (for no payment) and does all sorts for him.

She is also happy to do it

I think as long as you / we remain grateful and not take it for absolute granted (a thankyou here, flowers there type thing) then it's fine

I think it's when we start to demand care - not ask that it steps over the "taking advantage" line

Hope that helps


derah · 01/09/2007 20:49

My mum comes to visit us every 2 weeks now DD is around, we were lucky to see her every few months before that! And she's thrilled to take DD off to the park or the shops while I get on with other stuff - after all, it's DD she's come to visit, not the rest of we boring lot!

So, I wouldn't think you're taking advantage. Your mum would probably tell you if she wasn't happy. Bet she's thrilled to have you back in the country too. My DD has 4 grannies but only one (my mum) in the UK, and she fully appreciates what a lucky granny she is.


WideWebWitch · 01/09/2007 20:50

no, you're not.
She wants to help, you love the help, your dd loves her, I really can't see the problem, it sounds lovely for all concerned.

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