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to be p****ed off after snooping...

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sweetaddict · 31/08/2007 08:11

Yes i went on his msn messenger after a stupid row and discovered him talking to mate in horrible bloke way about me - having 'the painters in'... And more oi oi blokey stuff. Are they all still fifteen years old or what? Grr.

OP posts:
escape · 31/08/2007 19:11

Caroline 1852 - heavy period comment
barnsley because they play in red, as in 'the reds are at home this week'

MaryAnnSingleton · 31/08/2007 19:14

don't like norks one bit...

nightowl · 31/08/2007 19:29

i was shocked to find, when starting my current job, that quite often a male colleague can be heard shouting "what's up with you? is it pmt again? (no sarcasm)" to a female colleague. to which the answer will usually be " just dont f**k with me today".

to which, male usually backs down, shuffles a bit and carries on with his work.

onetiredmummy · 31/08/2007 20:06

My mum calls them 'moggins'!

lisasimpson · 31/08/2007 20:48

and it might not necessarily mean that there will be no rumpy pumpy if she's on the blob anyhow - or does it?

pollywollydoodle · 31/08/2007 20:51

boobs and no room at the inn here

Caroline1852 · 31/08/2007 22:28

I can't bear any word to describe those fleshy rotund things (2 no). I think I need therapy.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 31/08/2007 22:36

MaryAnnSingleton hates me

kindersurprise · 31/08/2007 22:45

One of my friends used to say, "the red flags are flying today"

We have the painters in.

I don't think that DH would talk about me like that, and if he did I would not be happy. So, YABU for snooping, but not for being pissed at him

yeahinaminute · 31/08/2007 22:54

My DH (ex Lt Colonel - SHOULD be a gentleman - Sandhurst and all that ) refers to it as " Oh YIAM is up on blocks"

And as to my boobs - apparantly they're " a fine set of top bollocks "!!

So really I just shrug and quietly point out his inadequacies ......

nooka · 31/08/2007 23:07

I'm with Idris. Breasts and periods at my place. I'd be surprised if dh discussed my periods with his friends, but more because men don't in general seem to talk about that sort of thing. I remember his asking a guy at university when his girlfriends period was (there was some reason for this, but I can't remember what) and the bloke had no idea. dh was amazed. It's like that Seinfeld when one of the characters was asked what contraception his fiance used and he didn't know. Weird! I don't think you are unreasonable in beeing peeved, but you should watch out on the snooping side - you may find out more than you bargained on!

Vikkin · 31/08/2007 23:25

We just stick to 'don't come anywhere near me I have my period I will attack'.
He might refer to my chest as 'tits' and I may reply 'don't be so infantile, they are breasts'.
Then I will go and phone my gf and say 'yeah, he's really getting on my tits tonight...'

MaryAnnSingleton · 01/09/2007 11:40

aw Duchess - forgot about you being a nork - no offence !

IdrisTheDragon · 01/09/2007 12:27

I am worryingly sad enough to have discussed this thread with DH last night. He was amazed at some of the expressions for periods .

As I thought he would (a) be unlikely to discuss my periods with anyone and (b) would refer to them as periods .

pollywollydoodle · 01/09/2007 21:46

husband chortling in the manner of an overgrown schoolboy and planning to use the "dancing round the cotton wool pole" one at the pub ......

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