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to be annoyed that the postie knocked on my door at 6.20

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LadyVictoriaOfCake · 30/08/2007 08:19

was a small van delivery so not really my postie. but i am [tired] as friend was on the phone till 1am. my own fault really.

but 6.20 [yawns]

OP posts:

LazyLinePainterJane · 30/08/2007 08:20


I would not be pleased!


mummytoamonkey · 30/08/2007 08:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BettySpaghetti · 30/08/2007 08:58

Where we used to live there was weekend postie who used to hammer on your door as well as shouting "Parcel for number 18" at the top of his voice at stupid o'clock.

I'm sure they used to save all the parcels for Saturdays and deliver extra-early just to spoil everyones weekend lie-ins.


FioFio · 30/08/2007 08:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lizziemun · 30/08/2007 09:04

I was going to say you must have had the postie we had last week when they delivered our post at 6.30pm.


tjacksonpfc · 30/08/2007 09:30

lvoc they shouldnt have knocked the door that early as by law they arent allowed to post the first letter through a door till 7am thats the same for knocking the door. my dps a postie so i know this for a fact phone up the company and complain and say how you have young children a husband in hospital thats ill and your not happy you should get compensatition. hth hopes all ok with peter and girls x


alicet · 30/08/2007 12:58

I would have been livid!! Actually I wouldn't have got up and answered the door - does that make me unreasonable?!


Tanee58 · 30/08/2007 13:02

Alicet, no, not unreasonable - but then they would probably have either taken it away and Lady would have had to trek off to the sorting office to collect it later, or they would have left it on the doorstep for anyone to steal. No win really...

I used to have a postie who left small parcels under the doormat so I could tread on them. He never rang the doorbell - I knew, as I was often at home when he called. Luckily nothing broken.


callmeovercautious · 30/08/2007 13:07

Really p**s me off! Sorry for your early start Missdee.

I have a note on my doorbell asking people to knock due to possible sleeping baby. Doorbell is v loud mains supply and I can't switch it off.

The only person in nearly a year to ignore it was my Postie, and he does not just ring once, he leans on it for ages! I asked him why he felt the need to ring it (every time not just once by mistake!) he said he thought babies were awake by 7.15am. I said well mine wasn't but is now - as she screamed even louder! To his credit he has not done it since but grrrrr!

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