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Going crazy. Still on month 15

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Sparkle2020 · 28/12/2019 10:38

I’m now on cd37 of a 28 day cycle and still nothing 😭 anyone experienced this before? I’ve never had a cycle like this, I feel like screaming

OP posts:
Sparkle2020 · 28/12/2019 10:38

By 15 I mean month 15 ttc

OP posts:
doublebarrellednurse · 28/12/2019 10:41

If you're cycles are irregular for over 6 months and you're struggling to conceive but regularly having sex have you seen your GP?

My cycles ranged from 20 days to 57 days and it took 2 years to conceive so I do get how immensely frustrating it is

Sparkle2020 · 28/12/2019 10:45

@doublebarrellednurse no my cycles are usually bang on 28 days that’s why I’m so confused :/ all negatives on test. I feel so frustrated

OP posts:
hammeringinmyhead · 28/12/2019 10:55

I'm sorry OP. I skipped a whole period while I was TTC - I was a bit more irregular than you. I did conceive about 3 months later. Flowers

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