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Are you one of those people who queues for sales at 6 am? Confess, and tell me why.

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Iamthewombat · 28/12/2019 00:37

I’ve seen a number of threads on the subject of ‘all shops should close on Boxing Day, blah blah’ but what I want to know is this:

If you are one of those people waiting outside shops on Boxing Day at 6 am (or earlier), why do you do it? The bargains can’t be that good.

We visited friends in Liverpool today and they showed me photos in the local paper of people queuing outside Next at 5.30 am, outside Lush at 6 am etc.


The paper had interviewed some of the queuers (is that a word?). Their reasons were as follows:

Woman outside Lush: “the gift sets are 50% off so I can get £400 worth for £200!”

Sorry love, they aren’t going to last until Christmas 2020. When I assume you will attempt to re-gift them.

Women outside Next: “It’s a tradition for us and we come every year but we are trying to buy less because we are worried about the environment” (!!!!! I wonder if Next sell self-awareness?)

Genuinely, why do you do it? Is it because you are trying to recreate the Blitz spirit? Is it so that you have something to talk about?

I’d kind of understand if it’s a young person who is label-conscious and wants to snag a particular designer brand from Flannels or Harvey Nics and can only afford it in the sale but Next and bloody Lush? Come on! Neither are a motherlode of sought after quality items at drastically reduced prices, are they?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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flirtygirl · 29/12/2019 19:55

Op your last post showed your snobbery. Next has taken a dive in quality like a lot of brands but you can still buy cotton, wool and silk from there, just like you can from tesco and tu at Sainsburys. All retailers do different price points for different fabrics.

Next do do much more polyester than they used to but so do a lot of higher ends brands like Phase 8 and Karen Millen. Lots of brands do more polyester now to maximise profits.

The snobbery about next is ridiculous and if people want shops closed on the 26th then campaign for it. If not they will open because we are a capitalist country. More so for the next 5 years st least.

FallenAngel01 · 29/12/2019 20:35

And it has something to do with you, because? What people choose to do is not your business.

Amanlamp100 · 29/12/2019 21:24

Love this thread... Lush smells so bad every time I go past.. I don’t think I have ever gone in the shop or even spent in there ever😄😄 Next yes 20 years ago I used to leave DP in bed and drive there by 5am and get my plastic bag and fill to the brim, it was fun exciting and would be happy spending 150.00 on loads of items. These days I go online before Boxing Day, budge for all for us look at the brands.. especially when I only go on clearance these days. HandM and Gap are great for the DC’s Sales in the comfort of your own home and Ocado for Food👍

Iamthewombat · 29/12/2019 23:41

And it has something to do with you, because? What people choose to do is not your business

Oh, the irony. Which I assume you can’t see.

OP posts:
RedRiverShore · 30/12/2019 03:44

I don't queue as I only shop online but the reason may be to get the few bits of good stuff that may be on sale as later there is only the tat left

jobbymcginty · 30/12/2019 03:57

I used to do it years ago when my 1st son was a baby . I now value my sleep to much and buy stuff for my family online eBay and charity shops now . I think there's to much consumerism now and trying massively to try and do my bit for the planet

Takingshape12 · 30/12/2019 04:45

What's not to understand? Next does it every year (twice a year actually) it's a "thing" for die hard customers. Why disparage someone when it really doesnt affect you. Each to their own

ShristmasChopper · 30/12/2019 05:03

I did the sales at 6am on Boxing Day a couple if time 17 or 18 years ago.
DS1 was always awake at 4.45am until he started school. The latest I would rise on any day was 05.00. Add miserable joy sucking inlaws staying for Xmas that would fuck up all my kids sleep and get up to watch me doing night feeds and turn the lights on, it was a welcome escape and relief from both them and a rare opportunity to leave the house with none of my 3 under 5's in tow
As soon as sleeping until 7am started I slept in too. After 4 years of sleep deprivation nothing could get me out if bed.

happycamper11 · 30/12/2019 05:53

Not now as I don't have and spare money on Boxing Day but I have some in the past, I'd go there at 6 because that's when it opened and there would still be things. It's no big deal as you can see i'm an early riser anyway. Primark and Next are far from similar quality!

Lozz22 · 30/12/2019 06:05

Christ no I couldn’t be arsed!! My ex sil used to do this. Be up and out at god knows what time to drive 40+ mins to be queuing outside next at 4:30 just to grab a bargain. Did a trip to Florida about 9-10 years ago which happened to fall on Black Friday. We went to one of the electronics stores because my Dsis ex bf wanted some beats headphones. Whilst we were there we were talking to a couple who had a tent with them. They had being sleeping outside that store 4 days prior just to be first in the queue!! The only time I would ever queue outside a shop early enough is if I ever go to Japan for new year and got the lucky bags

LittleGsmum · 30/12/2019 09:59

I feel sorry for the people who work in retail, why can’t the sale start on the 27th and enables everyone to have at least some rest, relaxation and enjoyment over Christmas and Boxing Day. I understand the workers at next have to be at 4am Boxing Day morning, surely they haven’t had much of a Christmas at that ☹️

Iamthewombat · 30/12/2019 10:11

What's not to understand? Next does it every year (twice a year actually) it's a "thing" for die hard customers.

Oh dear. The question was, why is it a ‘thing’ for ‘die hard customers’.

Responding with, “it just is” doesn’t answer the question. Can you understand that?

So far, the responses have been:

  • I go to buy kids’ clothes for the year ahead (funny that very few people are admitting to queuing up for adult clothes; perhaps it sounds less selfless).

  • I see the same faces in the queue every year and it has become a tradition.

I still don’t get it; as others have pointed out, you can shop the sales online and you don’t need to be up at 4 am on Boxing Day to buy reasonably-priced children’s clothes. Thanks for the replies, though!
OP posts:
Takingshape12 · 30/12/2019 11:01

Why is it so hard to understand???

The shop does this. It is its USP. People go there to stock up for the year or whatever. Fuck, they go there at that time for whatever reason they like. Can YOU understand that?

I used to go when I had time. It was fun. Yes you can shop online. You can also shop in store. Shop wherever you want.when you want if its available.

Just because you dont get it or wouldn't do it doesnt make everyone else wrong does it?

Takingshape12 · 30/12/2019 11:01

P.S. dont ever patronise me.

Takingshape12 · 30/12/2019 11:03

Very good point LittleGsmum. I'm sure people would still go if it started at 9am on the 27th. Theres no need to it to be on boxing day or so early.

CupoTeap · 30/12/2019 11:06

Hi op

Te the kids clothes online, the cup next sale takes all the good stuff and most sizes do I used to find it better to go to the shop.

beguilingeyes · 30/12/2019 11:10

I always tell people that back in the day (80s, early 90s), Next was like Reiss. This is an exaggeration, but I bought a real sheepskin coat in the Next sale one year. I still have it.

Ferret27 · 30/12/2019 11:26

Sad sad people ... get up and help at a hospital ... shop workers could do with a lie in in fact maybe two days off with their kids and family .... if your that desperate for stuff go on line... and don’t say it keeps people in jobs .... shops will stay open if you shop all year ..sensibly...

Iamthewombat · 30/12/2019 11:28

I used to go when I had time. It was fun

Aha! Touched a nerve, I see!

PS dont (sic) ever patronise me

Or what? It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

OP posts:
Ferret27 · 30/12/2019 11:31

Talking shape12... you won’t feel patronised if you weren’t one of the idiots that shop at stupid o’clock... I can’t wait for retail to close on Boxing Day .... the same people will come out on the 27th to spend and fight over their bargains!!!!
Ps ... you need to see the stress and sickness in shops first hand to see what impact these unsociable trading hours have on shop workers.....

Jaynesworld · 30/12/2019 11:35

I worked boxing day and had one customer tell me that she only came to get out of the house and what else was there to do on boxing day. Ummmm I dont know, spend time with family (which I would have loved to have been doing), go for a walk somewhere?? Hmm

Takingshape12 · 30/12/2019 11:38

Not touched a nerve at all! I'm a mother now so I dont have time. Rather be with my kids these days. Why do you think you've touched a nerve????????

Or nothing. Just don't be patronising. No need for it. You posted. I answered.

Ferret. I'm no idiot. Neither is anyone who goes to a sale. Why would they be? For choosing to spend their time this way??. No different to getting up early to go fishing. Or staying up late clubbing. I dont do those things either but I dont call people that do idiots.

And as I said, there's no need to hold it on boxing day before dawn.

Leflic · 30/12/2019 11:48

Just because you dont get it or wouldn't do it doesnt make everyone else wrong does it?
No but it’s worth a discussion if whatever it is does adversely affect people as a whole.

I’d say the erosion of workers rights ( having to be in at stupid o clock without a choice) was a more pressing important for society than the choice of shopping at 5am on a national holiday..

Since you can buy heavily discounted goods literally all year round now there us no need for Boxing Day Sales at all.

PlomBear · 30/12/2019 11:50

My mum said that in the 80s/90s, Next was really good. That’s hard to believe now!

I wouldn’t queue up at any time of day for some polyester clothes shipped in from a warehouse somewhere.

A friend of mine worked the sale one year and said that part of the shop was cordoned off where the ceiling had caved in and shoppers were still going under the cordon!

Bluepeace · 30/12/2019 12:15

@Leflic Since you can buy heavily discounted goods literally all year round now there us no need for Boxing Day Sales at all

If there was no need they wouldn't be open, it clearly makes a lot of money, given how the high street has faired recently they're not going to close out of principle when demand is there.

Shop workers get annual leave like anyone else, not everyone celebrates Christmas, if it's that detrimental to someone's life, don't work in retail?

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