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To ask what the hell is wrong with my face!

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CaptainCabinets · 27/12/2019 21:20

Had these bumps spring up overnight; I usually have smooth, clear skin. These bumps are purple, quite hard to touch and not itchy. I don’t remember using any new skincare products or anything. They’re awful! Anyone seen these before and can shed some light on wtaf is wrong with my face?!

To ask what the hell is wrong with my face!
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Bigbopboo · 27/12/2019 21:24

Is it just one side of your face? If so could be the start of shingles

JollyPudding · 27/12/2019 21:25

Have you been heavy on the alcohol? My skin goes quite red after too much heavy drinking

CaptainCabinets · 27/12/2019 21:25

@Bigbopboo I have some on the other cheekbone but not as many. This side is by far the worst!

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CaptainCabinets · 27/12/2019 21:26

@JollyPudding I had about three G&Ts in total over Christmas Grin

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orangejuicer · 27/12/2019 21:26

I'd have gone with reaction to something.

AwdBovril · 27/12/2019 21:33

I would guess a reaction to something. Laundry detergent, a new item of clothing (some do cause reactions, especially if worn before washing). New food, hand cream? How long has it been since you washed your pillowcase, have you used a new air freshener/has anyone sprayed anything at all in your presence, or near your bed? Has a family member touched your face recently?

AwdBovril · 27/12/2019 21:35

If it's not itchy, & is on both sides, it seems unlikely to be shingles. (I've had it, the prickly, itchy sensation is not easily ignored.)

JigsawsAreInPieces · 27/12/2019 21:36

Insect bites? I know it's Winter (presume you're in the UK!) but I've had gnat bites in January so it's not impossible!

ProfessionalBoss · 27/12/2019 21:37

It could possibly be a type of adult acne rosacea... Best to ask a Dr or pharmacist for advice...

Ilovemyshoppingtrolley · 27/12/2019 21:38

My exMIL has spots like this on her forehead, the GP said it was rosacea.

CaptainCabinets · 27/12/2019 21:38

I stayed at my DM’s over Christmas so slept in a different bed, suppose it could be her detergent? Although it’s the same detergent she used when I lived there so I’m not sure it’s that.

I’ve taken an antihistamine and smeared some calamine lotion on it to see if it helps! It just looks revolting Xmas Sad

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YouFellAsleeep · 27/12/2019 21:39

My face was like that, but all over, because of rosacea. But it happened gradually rather that just appearing overnight.

CaptainCabinets · 27/12/2019 21:39

I did consider rosacea but it has literally come on over a few hours!

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JollyPudding · 27/12/2019 21:43

@ CaptainCabinets fair enough, how very restrained 😂

I wish that’d all I’d had this Christmas 😂

CaptainCabinets · 27/12/2019 21:44

@JollyPudding I planned to get shitfaced. Instead I fell asleep on the floor watching Gavin and Stacey

Now I just have a shit face Xmas Blush

OP posts:
JollyPudding · 27/12/2019 21:48

Haha 😂

Hope whatever it is clears up for you soon 😃

Palavah · 27/12/2019 21:59

Any pets in the house? Feather pillow/cushion?
If you fell asleep on the floor could you have been irritated by something on it?

CaptainCabinets · 27/12/2019 22:01

I have absolutely no idea...will report back in the morning. Fingers crossed the antihistamine works!

OP posts:
Okbutno · 27/12/2019 22:03

Do you feel otherwise OK op?

CaptainCabinets · 27/12/2019 22:06

Yeah I feel absolutely fine in myself!

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CountFosco · 27/12/2019 22:06

Because it has appeared so quickly I'd assume an allergic reaction. My skin is geeting very sensitive (assuming perimenopause but you look a bit young for that) and I keep reacting to stuff but inconsistently so it is hard to work out what. Washing with an SLS free soap and antihistamines helps.

CyberPixie · 27/12/2019 22:09

Looks very much like my rosacea. Mine came on overnight. Much better now with treatment with the odd flare-up. You need to work out your triggers. Mines stress and humidity. I can no longer use anything on my face except aveeno moisturising bar or cerave hydrating wash followed by aveeno skin relief intensive moisture repair cream in a huge tub. I also use finacea gel (prescription). When mine started it was so bad I needed 6 months of an antibiotic. It also affected my eyes to start with.

CaptainCabinets · 29/12/2019 11:10

It seems to have faded! It’s no longer purple or lumpy, just feels rough and dry now Envy (not envy)

Reckon it was an allergic reaction!

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