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Toddler weight worries

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MummyG17 · 27/12/2019 12:46

Hi all,

My DS is 27 months and weighs 15.6kg and is 87cm tall. The BMI calculator says he's very overweight. I try really hard to keep his meal healthy and portion sizes small. I think it's his activity levels which are causing him to put weight on. He's being treated for asthma with several medications and although we've seen an improvement he's still not as active as other children his age. Any advice?

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hungrywalrus · 27/12/2019 12:48

What are the side effects of the asthma medication?

MiniEggAddiction · 27/12/2019 12:50

Tricky. AT 27 months I'd make sure he doesn't have really any treats. They're intake is fairly small at that age so a biscuit makes a big difference. As long as he's eating a balanced diet I wouldn't try to restrict intake his hunger levels should naturally moderate his portion size. My eldest was always considered "obese" on the toddler BMI. Doctor wasn't worried (both DH and Mil were chubby babies). His diet was super healthy, he ran around it was his natural physique. He's 8 now and bang on perfect weight for his height.

MiniEggAddiction · 27/12/2019 12:51

I guess the exception would be if the medication affects hunger in which case he may be eating too much.

georgialondon · 27/12/2019 12:53

BMI is for adults not children. What does the red book weight chart say?

MummyG17 · 27/12/2019 12:53

The medication is two inhalers abd Montelukast tablets. They don't have side affects of hunger. His appetite has decreased over the last 6 months and I've always been strict with treats to the point where people have ridiculed my parenting. It's more his activity levels that worry me.

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DinoGreen · 27/12/2019 12:56

My DS was very chubby at 2. He started to properly slim out around 2.5-3 when he became a lot more active and stopped using the pushchair much. Your DS does sound heavy though as he is the same weight as mine who is now nearly 4 and 100cm tall. Really keep an eye on portion sizes, it’s so easy to overfill a toddler’s plate. Does he go to nursery? I realised my DS was being given seconds and even thirds at mealtimes and then often having another supper at home etc. So I asked them not to give him seconds anymore.

Beccaishere · 27/12/2019 12:58

Have a look at the side affects of his medication. I have asthma and have to go on steroids every year to help through the winter months it makes me pile on a few pounds. Also some medication in the past I have tried makes my energy levels non existent.
Have a look at his meds and also a chat with the doctors.

Wildorchidz · 27/12/2019 12:59

How active is he? Is he spending hours on the sofa?

NaiceHamPlease · 27/12/2019 13:03

You might find he'll have a growth spurt soon and stretch out somewhat. My DS is 24 months and I checked the NHS kids BMI calculator for him a while ago, it said the same. He then grew 5cm over 6 weeks but remained the same weight.

NannyR · 27/12/2019 13:20

Can you see the gp or asthma nurse for a medication review? Maybe he needs the dosage of his preventer inhaler increasing - if his asthma is well controlled it shouldn't be impeding normal toddler activity levels.

MummyG17 · 27/12/2019 13:37

I limit tv time and he would much prefer reading books to watching tv. An example today we went to a trampoline park and he walked around the sides went on a trampoline and panicked then wanted to go home. Most children his age were running round, jumping and climbing and he just wanted to leave.

OP posts:
MummyG17 · 27/12/2019 13:37

Must add he loves dancing so I do encourage 30mins of dancing to music twice a day.

OP posts:
RhymingRabbit3 · 27/12/2019 13:40

Are you using a child/toddler BMI calculator or an adult one? The way we calculate adult BMI isn't suitable to be used with children because they have a different body shape.

If you are concerned about activity levels maybe incorporating it into your routine would work better than concentrated bursts e.g. trampoline park.
Could you start walking or scooting to nursery, rather than driving, for example? Or going to a class such as rugby tots, swimming lessons or dance classes where an instructor encourages them to take part.

MummyG17 · 27/12/2019 13:44

We do swimming lessons and go for a walk (with the dog) once a day. I'm trying to encourage him to not use the pushchair and he'll walk for 20 minutes max.

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