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To ask where all the Christmas engagements are this year?

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FenellaMaxwell · 27/12/2019 07:39

This has to be the first year there haven’t been several engagements on my social media - have I reached that age where that’s it now, and I have to wait for the divorces and second weddings? 😱

I always looked forward to seeing all the lovely sparkly rings too. Anyone else finding them a bit thin on the ground this year?

OP posts:

notallrainbows · 27/12/2019 07:41

Not for me! Quite a few people on my social media have gotten engaged but I'm 23, as are a lot of the people, so perhaps that's why


Galahappy · 27/12/2019 07:42

I’ve seen 2 female friends get engaged, one person is a second marriage (mid 40s) and the other is early 30s.

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