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to really hate it when dh shouts at ds...

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theUrbanDryad · 25/08/2007 21:37

...when he falls off the bed?

example: when i was running a bath for ds this evening i heard "NO!" and ds crying really hard. what had happened was that ds had fallen off the bed and dh had shouted in surprise. IMO what really made him cry was being shouted at, not the fall (he didn't really hurt himself)

AIBU to have a go at dh for shouting? he says it's a natural reaction of surprise, but i don't shout at ds on the few occasions he's fallen off anywhere (never anywhere very high and he's never seriously hurt himself, i should add!) so i don't see why dh has to.

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2shoes · 25/08/2007 21:38

because he is a man.


theUrbanDryad · 25/08/2007 21:48

but AIBU?

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jofeb04 · 25/08/2007 21:54


TBH, when my ds first climbed on my wall (!), I shouted STOP. It is a natural response to something imho.


elasticbandstand · 25/08/2007 21:55

yes, yabu, natural reaction.
eveyrone is shocked. spect ds is cryign cos of the shock, dh is shouting cos of the shock etc.etc


LadyTophamHatt · 25/08/2007 21:57

ummm, i would have shouted at at DH for letting him fall off the bed.


LadyTophamHatt · 25/08/2007 21:59

I think it was natural reaction...but also a bit odd.


Doodledootoo · 25/08/2007 21:59

Message withdrawn


yama · 25/08/2007 22:00

Actually, it may be a natural reaction to shout but as adults I believe we can control our reactions.

Maybe I'm wrong but we should at least try.


theUrbanDryad · 25/08/2007 22:00

ds launches himself off everywhere at the moment. perhaps i should point out it's actually a mattress on the floor, so it's not really that high!

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FlameBatfink · 25/08/2007 22:01

Having extra information...

UrbanDryad is definately right here


BandofMothers · 25/08/2007 22:03

Hmm, I think you fear that they will get really hurt so you shout to try and stop them.
But as long as he picked him up and fussed him and cuddles him after that to calm him down then surely it's ok.


theUrbanDryad · 25/08/2007 22:11

huh - well i had to get the drinks (had a bet on with dh)

thanks for you "support" ladies!

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theUrbanDryad · 25/08/2007 22:16

dh is doing a small dance of victory.

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