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Fireworks under bed. AIBU

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Thisisnotreallymyname · 24/12/2019 23:55

My husband, who is the most thoughtful, considerate and Ive always thought, intelligent man , recently did something that I think was totally and utterly wrong.
He bought a large box of some industrial strength good quality fireworks from a reputable source, at a good price.
I thought he had stored them safely in the garage. It turns out that he had put them under the bunk bed that our grandchildren sleep in on a fairly regular basis.
They were stowed right under, away from where you could obviously see them.
I went ape shit when i found them a few months later and immediately moved them to a safer place.
To this day, he cannot see that he was actually endangering our grandchildren’s lives - “ the chances of them going off miniscule , there was nothing to set them off , you are over reacting “ etc etc.
We disagree so strongly about this - what do you think ?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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Jenda · 24/12/2019 23:57

I can't see any reason to even consider taking the risk to do this!


ineedaholiday11 · 24/12/2019 23:57

He was foolish. It reinforces my belief that fireworks should not be on sale to the general public.


AntiHop · 24/12/2019 23:57

I'd be fucking furious with him. What if there had been a fire, or the kids found them?


VivaLeBeaver · 24/12/2019 23:59

And if there had been an electrical fire?

I get they won’t ignite on their own but you can’t guarantee there won’t be a house fire!


LemonRedwood · 24/12/2019 23:59

You are not overreacting, he's a fool.

I'd like to hear the justification from those voting YABU - how would this ever be ok?


Sparklesocks · 25/12/2019 00:08

Although the chances are probably quite small why even risk it? There are other places they can go. And yes although unlikely there could still be a fire or the kids go rooting around and find them. Just not worth it when there’s so many other places.


ScotsinOz · 25/12/2019 00:26

As an adult I think that is a terrible place to store fireworks and I wouldn’t do this now. As a child/teenager I kept a humongous box of fireworks in my dressing room so I could access them quickly when I wanted to use them. I didn’t see the risk then, just the convenience factor, but certainly would never put them in mine or my children’s room now.

I really want fireworks now 😁


Catmaiden · 25/12/2019 00:43

How the hell can anyone vote that You are being unreasonable?
I'm with you OP. Bonkers behaviour!


Spam88 · 25/12/2019 00:48

People can be complete idiots sometimes. I was looking for something in my DHs bedside table when DD was around 18 months (and partial to a good rummage through drawers/cupboards) and discovered he was storing his knives in there. He moved them after I flipped at him, but still insists there was no problem with them being in there.


crustycrab · 25/12/2019 00:50

YANBU what a knob


festivefrustration · 25/12/2019 00:50

My god imagine there had been a fire. It doesn’t bear thinking about and your OH is a very very stupid man for doing this.


EKGEMS · 25/12/2019 00:57

There's a village somewhere missing their idiot aka your husband


BahBloodyHumbug · 25/12/2019 00:59

I actually wouldn't even be worried about fire or accidental ignition. I would be more worried- and think it would more likely- that the children would find them and decide to find a lighter/matches and set them off.

YAdNBU. I would be furious.


Duck90 · 25/12/2019 01:10

Have the children slept above them?

I hate fireworks anyway, so I wouldn’t care where they are kept, as long as not in my garage/house/neighbours properties etc etc. Reading this thread makes me feel even more strongly that the public should not be allowed to purchase fireworks.


TrueCrimeFan · 25/12/2019 03:20

I'm shocked anyone could be so stupid so YANBu.

Fully agree with a previous PP who said they do not believe fireworks should be for sale to the general public. This thread proves that some of the general public are not saferfy conscious enough to control fireworks


123bananas · 25/12/2019 03:28

I used to work setting up professional firework shows and all the industrial big fireworks were stored in a bunker on a military base. Even them being in the garage is unsafe let alone under the grandkids bed.

If they went off even in the garage your home insurance would likely be invalidated if there was damage to property. I have worked with professionals who have lost limbs when a firework has gone off incorrectly and they were behind the safety zone for big displays. He is beyond irresponsible and has put all your lives at risk. Public buying fireworks should be banned IMO.


JamieVardysHavingAParty · 25/12/2019 04:04

Explosives and materials that will accelerate a fire (e.g. petrol) must stored securely,
a) where there is as little risk as possible that they could be ignited by a fire breaking out elsewhere, (ahem, domestic fires happen all the time) and;
b) where, if they did happen to inadvertently explode, they wouldn't be next to people.

The garage isn't good enough, and under someone's bed is certainly insufficient! How would your neighbours feel about living by that garage?

If these are industrial fireworks (which he presumably is not licenced to handle), I assure you that the professionals don't store them like this.


justilou1 · 25/12/2019 04:52

I think you should store them in his underpants. Especially if he is a smoker. What a bloody fool of a man.


Popetthetreehugger · 25/12/2019 05:45

In probably 1970 , so about 9, I went to a school friends house , under her bed was a huge box of fireworks, her elder sister had been buying for her . We took them out and played with them , sorting in to types . Must have been 80 of them at least . By some miracle it was fine ! Also add that they weren't hidden from parents, that's where they were kept ! I'm with OP , madness!


LiveFatsDieYoGnu · 25/12/2019 08:21

Mindbogglingly stupid Shock


MitziK · 25/12/2019 10:20

What the fuck is he doing with 'Industrial' fireworks in the first place?

He's clearly incapable of coping with a packet of sparklers, never mind explosive devices that are illegal for your common or garden muppet to have in the first place.

Even fireworks factories, places where safety is roughly on a par with a nuclear power station, go up in flames sometimes. And that's spectacularly dangerous for everybody around - does he really think reenacting that in your spare room is in anyway sensible?

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