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How long do bugs live on surfaces

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Disillusioneddaisy · 24/12/2019 13:43

My health anxiety is playing up big time as it always does at this time of year or when I have a big occasion on. Took dc to McDonald's earlier and as always they wanted to play on the grotty iPad table while the food came. Now I'm wondering how many bugs and germs they must have come into contact with before eating their burgers with their hands. I know I sound neurotic but there's so much going around atm and I dread them getting sick before Xmas - especially d&v bugs - we've already had the dreaded cold. Can someone slap me please?

OP posts:

chuttypicks · 24/12/2019 14:30

Why didn't you just get them to wash their hands before they ate if you're that concerned about germs?


chuttypicks · 24/12/2019 14:31

Besides which, there are germs everywhere, all of the time. I can't imagine that the tables in McDonalds are germ free at any point anyway, so either way they'd likely have germs on their hands while they eat. Good news is though that the likelihood is that they won't become ill from it providing they have working immune systems.


IamFriedSpam · 24/12/2019 14:31

It'll be absolutely fine - I've seen them being wiped down. It's very unlikely you're suddenly going to get a D&V before tomorrow.


Disillusioneddaisy · 24/12/2019 15:20

Thanks guys I know I'm being crazy. We had to cancel a trip in nov due to ds having a flu like bug and I'm frightened of them getting sick right before Xmas too. Fair point about the tables in McDonald's too.

Fingers crossed for a healthy Xmas!!!

OP posts:

Elfnsafe1y · 24/12/2019 15:23

A major outbreak of D&V due to eating at McDs would get the manager the sack possibly - they are going to be careful about bugs, I'm sure.


BruceAndNosh · 24/12/2019 15:25

Maybe carry a little bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag in future?

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