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tired456 · 24/12/2019 12:48

No AIBU however I need advice fast.

My Husband has gone out shopping and I've asked him to bring something back but I don't know what.

I just want a full nights sleep in my own bed. I'm so embarrassed by this but he wakes me up complaining.

The last few nights I've been in bed with the kids or on the sofa.

So far I've tried the three products as pictured.

I thought the boots own were actually strips for the nose.

Can anyone recommend me a product and brand that I can pick up from boots or a supermarket today ie not online.

Thanks x

OP posts:

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 · 24/12/2019 12:53

I can't recommend anything that you can get today for the simple reason that I've tried everything and had very poor results.

EXCEPT - I went to a specialist hearing centre, the kind who do hearing aids, and ordered myself a pair of personally moulded professional ear plugs, the type that shooters and musicians wear, and my problems were solved instantly. Honestly, you could be working with a pneumatic drill in the bedroom and I wouldn't hear it. Wished that i'd done it years before.

So no help for today but it's definitely the way going forward. Oh, and mine were £100 ten years ago so probably more now.

Life changing.


NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 · 24/12/2019 12:54

Aaarh! just realised it's you that's the snorer. Got the wrong end of the stick sorry.


stripeypillowcase · 24/12/2019 12:56

have you got a cold?
if yes, get decongestant nose spray. plus take an extra pillow to be so that you are more upright in bed.


tired456 · 24/12/2019 13:06

Hi yes I am very bunged up.

Apparently I've snored for years.

DH works away a lot but this week I've not slept in our bed so it seems to have worsened.

I share my bed with my DDs a lot and they have never mentioned it but obviously he won't be making it up.

I want my own bed tonight Hmm

OP posts:

welshladywhois40 · 24/12/2019 13:18

Do you have any alergies? My partner is a big snorer and he has hay fever. He tends to snore less when there is less dust in our bedroom and when his hay fever is worse he has a nasal spray which helps him breath easier through his nose which is usually bunged up


OrangeCinnamon · 24/12/2019 13:23

I have a mouth device. I downloaded some app and it implied the problem was back of throat rather than nose (the app listens to you snore) .


OrangeCinnamon · 24/12/2019 13:23

Oh and it works


Lidon · 24/12/2019 13:28

He probably has sleep apnea. Get a referral from your gp


BaldricksWife · 24/12/2019 13:30

Try the Nytol spray which you can get off the shelf- not 100% effective but works generally for me. Get DP some earplugs too.


slashlover · 24/12/2019 13:33

If you go to Boots then ask the pharmacist to recommend something.


Abouttoblow · 24/12/2019 13:34

I got my husband one of these. He says it takes a bit of getting used to as your tongue is basically sticking out of your mouth inside the bulb. It definitely works though.


tired456 · 24/12/2019 15:04

Thanks all

OP posts:

LizB62A · 24/12/2019 16:26

From my experiments to stop snoring:

  1. If you currently sleep on one pillow, try an extra pillow

2. to make you sleep on your side (where you're less likely to snore), put another pillow between your knees
3. Try the nose/throat sprays - they sometimes help
4. If you've got a cold, try a decongestant
5. Those Boots throat strips did help me a bit actually
6. Try all these tips in the hope that one of them works !!

Good luck, I snore a lot and have been diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea when I sleep on my back, which is why I try to sleep on my side now

tired456 · 24/12/2019 16:37

I bought one of those v shaped pillows.
Its a lot flatter than the ones I've had before. I did say to him it could be that as I usually have 2 pillows which are a lot higher than this one.

OP posts:

LizB62A · 24/12/2019 16:47

Maybe put a "normal" pillow underneath it?
I've got a supposedly anti-snoring pillow with a normal pillow underneath

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