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Feeling sorry for myself...

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HappySonHappyMum · 24/12/2019 03:30

So it's 3:20am have been sitting in A&E with my Mum since 9pm. Probably not going to get home until 6 at the earliest. Not moaning about that, the NHS staff have been great and I want my Mum to be well. Have been at worked all day and was so looking forward to Christmas Eve picking up the turkey first thing, bringing the presents down, dressing the table, having a meal out tomorrow evening to celebrate the start of Christmas and seeing family - but when do I sleep?! Can't see me getting a full night now until the end of Christmas Day and I've so much to do...

OP posts:

BillHadersNewWife · 24/12/2019 03:32

Pick up the turkey and then go to bed for at least 3 hours. More like 4-5. You won't manage anything if you don't. Then make others help!


Fr0g · 24/12/2019 03:50

that sucks - is it you or your mum that needs a&e?
hope that all goes well.

as previous poster has suggested - pick up the essentials (turkey) or designate to partner if you can, maybe get a nice breakfast out first to refuel.
Get home, get some sleep, then allocate any remaining tasks by priority - and have a great Christmas


Fr0g · 24/12/2019 03:53

sorry; just re-read & spotted that it's your Mum in need of A&E = hope she's OK and is seen soon.


stonebrambleboy · 24/12/2019 04:03

You're shattered and stressed understandably. This stuff isn't insurmountable. Pick up the turkey then go to bed for a couple of hours. It's surprising what little sleep we can manage on!
Hope your Mum is ok. Happy Christmas!


HappySonHappyMum · 24/12/2019 04:15

Looks like I'm going to have to rethink everything. Mum's having a chest X-ray, she's had 4 nebulisers forger asthma and they're not really helping so IV antibiotics are about to happen and she'll be kept in. My DH will step up - he's a fantastic DH and DD so I have no concerns there as long as I make a list (!). Just feel a little sad my DS is 18 and I feel like this might be our last family Christmas before he's off doing adult things. It can't be helped Mum comes first but I had prepared myself to remember all that I could if you know what I mean

OP posts:

stonebrambleboy · 24/12/2019 04:38

I know what you mean.
Glad your Mum is getting appropriate treatment. Great that DH and DS will step up to the plate today.
I have two adult sons, believe me it won't be your last family Christmas😁


stonebrambleboy · 24/12/2019 04:41

Sorry forgot to mention DD!
I'm tired too 😕


Fr0g · 24/12/2019 04:41

Don't worry - my friend has been saying this might be our last family holiday/christmas etc since the children hit 18 - I think her eldest son is 28 now, and still with them all for Christmas.

I wasn't sure of family set up from your initial post, but with husband and near adult son to delegate to, you can definitely get your head down when you get home.
Take your mind off things and write/email lists while your Mum is in x-ray.


chocatoo · 24/12/2019 08:21

I’m afraid as the oldies get older this kind of thing becomes more frequent. Try and enjoy a different kind of magic this Christmas where you watch your husband, son and daughter step up. Your family sound great. My very elderly parents arrived yesterday - DH just brought me a cup of tea and announced that the (not very old) boiler isn’t working - I can hear him on the phone to British Gas now.
I hope your Mum starts to improve soon. Sleep is overrated as they say.


RoonyTunes · 24/12/2019 08:31

Oh that sucks, hope your mum is ok and you all manage to enjoy some sort of Christmas.

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