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Gone off beef for Christmas dinner?

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Vilanelle · 23/12/2019 09:49

I bought a huge joint of beef last week which had the use by date of 23.12.19. Now, I meant to put it in the freezer when buying it and take it out a day or 2 before Christmas but it is still in the fridge and there would be no point freezing it now, to take out tomorrow to defrost!?

Would it still be ok Christmas day?

DP suggests we simply have the turkey for christmas day and leave beef (in freezer) to cook new years day.


YABU - Freeze it and keep for another day

YANBU - Leave it in fridge and cook it Christmas day, 2 days past use by date

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BrokenWing · 23/12/2019 09:51

You could cook today, slice and warm through in gravy on Xmas or another day.

Singlebutmarried · 23/12/2019 09:55

I’d freeze and use another day.

Still plenty of time to get another joint.

LionelRitchieStoleMyNotebook · 23/12/2019 09:57

Cook it tonight, beef especially rare, is cold as soon as it hits the plate anyway. Bring it to room temp before carving, pour hot gravy on it at the table, job done

ChilliMayo · 23/12/2019 09:57

Yes, I'd cook it and slice it today. Store in fridge.
On Xmas day lay it out nice on an ovenproof dish or a foil platter, spray lightly with water, cover well with foil and heat it really well in the oven. The spritz of water should help keep it moist.

jimmyhill · 23/12/2019 10:05

It will be fine for the 25th.

Do not cook it two days ahead, slice, and reheat. Yuck!

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