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mumto2boys1315 · 22/12/2019 21:07

I had some support with my two DCs due to my mental health, that support for them ended in September when youngest DC went to preschool full time 5days a week, anyway I was given a text about a party the organisation were putting on for kids that was happening yesterday but no time or place was confirmed in the message about a month ago... Anyway I hadn't received a letter or call about the party and it was yesterday. I had messaged the person that originally told me about the party and was told in a reply that had forgot to be in touch with me regarding the party info but for me to bring DCs along... Well I didn't as I was working when the party was taking place, I got a message of apology and saying that felt bad for forgetting to be in touch and that the DCs invite was sitting in the office but will drop presents off for them during week.... Then on fb I see that someone I know was at the party with there DCs... Im annoyed that I was l told about the party but no more mention of it until its too late and my DC have missed out. I know its petty but it's really annoyed me especially when I had a great relationship with the support worker that was involved, or at least I thought had.

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Survivingchipandkippee · 23/12/2019 01:14

You are disappointed for your little ones but people do make mistakes. It doesn’t sound intentional to leave you out as wouldn’t have said anything in first place. Don’t let this overshadow the support you have received.

Pipandmum · 23/12/2019 01:17

Sounds like an honest mistake and they have apologised. Don't waste any more energy on it.

PumpkinP · 23/12/2019 01:26

I wouldn’t get worked up over it

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