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I'm stuck

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sravani0 · 22/12/2019 19:55

Hello everyone here.
So I'm in a relationship with a guy since 2years now. He is not expressive. I had many issues with him regarding the same. It always felt like incomplete to be in a relationship where my guy can never make me feel special by expressing his feelings for me. He neither says nor shows. But whenever i put this in front of him he always says he doesn't know how to express but he loves me just like i love him. Even though I'm in a relationship it always felt empty. He never even speak about our future at least. 2 weeks ago we were on call. When we were talking, he was saying his frnds are getting married and all. So i took the advantage of the topic and mentioned when are u going to get married. The very next second he answered saying i don't get married only. Its like, we never even spoke about future even though i tried many times.. When we r finally talking about marriage, his answer bugged me so much. I mean is this what i expect? I felt like why am i even here with him. Its been 2 weeks since i stopped talking to him properly. He's been casually asking mr what's wrong with me but never really took an initiative to know why am i behaving strange. What should i do?

OP posts:
AnneLovesGilbert · 22/12/2019 19:55

You’ve posted this twice. You still need to break up with him.

Neverender · 22/12/2019 19:59

You're not stuck at all. Just dump him. Sorry if that sounds harsh but you're making yourself "stuck" by putting up with this.

Just bin him and go about your business? Un-stuck! Yay!

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