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Tired Rant! Can I get divorced..

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Coughgate · 22/12/2019 06:01

From my husband because he is ill! So I'm talking the man flu type!

Currently moved in with family to save for a house deposit with us and the kids all cramped in 1 room so sleep is awful as it is! Husband smokes and even gets up throughout the night waking me up to have fags!! I've asked him to please be considerate and he says he will stop it but does he listen no?! I'm shattered at work!!

Now he's got poorly and will have a horrendous barking cough for weeks now it's deafening so more waking up, sorry that he is ill he still waking up in the night to smoke!! So his throat can't be that bad but all I hear is I am the worst I've ever felt, I'm getting worse, it's not normal to feel like this I even got called thick because I didn't cover him up with his blanket properly when he was shivering and true to take the main cover off him to put a fleece one one him first. Now I'm mad because he lights his fags on the cooker and runs out and I ask him time and time again please don't do that because the smoke still comes off it for the kids to breathe!!

Everytime he is ill we go down this route of falling out because he is a vile only person to have a cold baby! Now I've shouted at him again for bringing smoke in the house and waking me up again and now I'm the vile one because he's waking up in sweat and how awful that feels so that's why he needs fags.

Is flu a reason for divorce and why don't men just suck it up abit more!!!! Sorry long but fed up

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are being unreasonable
You are NOT being unreasonable
NameChangeNugget · 23/12/2019 04:56

OP, he sounds awful. You shouldn’t put up with that.

And he has no more than a cold

Costacoffeeplease · 23/12/2019 07:29

Are you sure he’s only like this when he’s ill? He sulks and calls you ‘thick’? I’d be surprised if he had a total personality transplant with a cold

And anyone who can get up during the night for a cigarette is not that ill. If you’re all sleeping in one room then he’s selfish, thoughtless and uncaring, I wouldn’t put up with him coming back in stinking of smoke and passing it around your sleeping children, and waking you up. He’s a selfish bastard and you’d be well rid, even without lighting cigarettes on the cooker, what a slob

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