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Posting on forums question?

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Freda4242 · 21/12/2019 23:40

Is it possible for the person who pays for, and arranges the subscription for your home broadband to see the exact text of what you have posted on a forum? For example, if you were to post on a Mumsnet forum your idea for an Xmas present for your oh - But oh has all of the access to broadband details etc. Would he know I’d,posted asking about Xmas gift ideas, or would he just know I’d visited Mumsnet?

I’d really appreciate your responses, but I:won’t be able to reply till tomorrow, sorry.

OP posts:

PurpleDaisies · 21/12/2019 23:41



PurpleDaisies · 21/12/2019 23:42

Why do you ask?


DramaAlpaca · 21/12/2019 23:44

No, I'm almost certain that's not possible.

He could only see what you'd posted if he knew your username and password, and wouldn't even know you'd been on MN or any other site unless he was using your device. If you are concerned, just clear your browsing history.


Sparklesocks · 21/12/2019 23:48

No, only perhaps if you were auto logged in to the forum on device you use for the internet and your history hadn’t been cleared


Thelnebriati · 21/12/2019 23:54

No not at all. I pay the broadband bill and cannot see what anyone else in the family does online, but we all have our own devices and are security conscious.

Your web browser stores details of the sites you visit. You can use the settings to delete these every time you close the browser. If you aren't sure how to do that, google 'how to clear history for all time Opera web browser' (or whatever browser you use).
On a PC or laptop, you can create a new user account that is password protected and that will give you more privacy.

Someone who can see everything you type or do online is possibly using spyware to monitor what you do. you can usually remove it yourself but you;d have to say what gadget you are using and what the operating system is.

If you think there is a keylogger or spyware installed, the usual advice for Windows is to restart in safe mode and run Avast anti virus, then restart in normal mode and run Malwarebytes. However you also need to check they haven't been set to ignore the installed spyware, so you might need to google how to do that.

On android you can do a factory reset but you'd then have to reinstall all of your apps.
I don't know about Apple.


coconuttelegraph · 22/12/2019 00:03

The payment of the broadband has absolutely no connection to what is accessed on it, how would that possibly work?


WomenAreFemale · 22/12/2019 00:12

The admin of your broadband (at work or home) can see which sites you’re visiting/when/how often but not (normally) what you post.

If you’re in some kind of abusive situation, it is possible that someone who wanted to and had some know how could properly know everything you did, but they’d really have to try.

If you are genuinely talking about shopping, it’s possible that targeted advertising is following you around. (So you google something on your phone and it suddenly pops up in their Facebook/ads/whatever.)

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