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In hospital all night with ill loved one (what to read?)

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coralpig · 21/12/2019 23:01

My father in law has terminal cancer in a very short staffed hospital (aren't they all?). My husband wants to stay in over night with him to support his care (he's a doc) and is like to stay with him so we are here til 6-7am when other relatives come. It's really grim. Does anybody have suggestions about what I can read to pass the time? Fingers crossed he's entering a settled period and seems asleep...

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SpeedofaSloth · 21/12/2019 23:03

Do you have the Kindle app on your phone? I think the 99p book promotion is still running.


AnneLovesGilbert · 21/12/2019 23:05

I’m so sorry about your FIL Flowers

What sort of thing are you after and how will you be reading it?

Try and get some sleep when you can.


coralpig · 21/12/2019 23:05

I hadn't thought of the kindle app thank you I'll take a look

OP posts:

3littlerabbits · 21/12/2019 23:09

Jack Reacher books by Lee Child are great page turners. Sorry you are all going through this x


SpeedofaSloth · 21/12/2019 23:09

It's tricky to suggest a title as you'll know how you're feeling tonight and whether you are looking for distraction (comedy) or something more weighty.
If former: Absolutely Smashing It is a lightweight parenting blog type thing (she's I Know, I Need To Stop Talking on Facebook.


SpeedofaSloth · 21/12/2019 23:10



FenellaMaxwell · 21/12/2019 23:13

When DS was in intensive care I turned to comfort books and reread all of Narnia and Harry Potter. If he’s on frequent obs you will have people coming in very frequently and it’s quite an alien and distracting place, so I would go for rereading something you already know and love.


AnneLovesGilbert · 21/12/2019 23:15

There was a lovely thread the other day about Rosamund Pilcher books - slow and easy and like a literary hug. If you want an actiony page turner Scott Mariani is great for hunt the relic types and available on Kindle.


Pancakeflipper · 21/12/2019 23:21

I downloaded podcasts (I couldn't concentrate on books).

My dad loved Radio 4 comedies so I listened to a lots of what we heard on the radio when I was little (I also went to sleep for a whole - bless the nursing staff for the camp bed, bedding, cookies and milk)

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