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Uncomfortable with this..

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Winterdaysarehere · 21/12/2019 18:47

Dd's friend invited her over to sleep a while back.
They are both nearly 13.
All good, friend and family are nice, dd been to dgm's caravan etc.
Turned out it was to babysit with her for siblings 4+1.
Parents on a night out not local.
I wasn't happy.
Dd is middle ish dc here. Alone maybe an hour or 2 with siblings 14 +15. Night out an 18 yo is home.
I feel very uncomfortable now as she asking again can she go babysit with her friend. Feels a bit cf ish and a bit unsafe imo.
Ds is obviously happy to go but I am not!. Aibu to say no +

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TheTea · 21/12/2019 18:49

For a full night out, not for me. Ive left my son with my 13 year old sister for about half hour whilst going to the shop.

I'd be livid the parents didn't say anything the first time tbh.

KellyHall · 21/12/2019 18:50

I don't understand this bit:

Dd is middle ish dc here. Alone maybe an hour or 2 with siblings 14 +15. Night out an 18 yo is home.

WhoTheFuckIsGail · 21/12/2019 18:50

YANBU. 2 12 year olds in charge of a 1 and 4 year old with parents not local, no chance.

Waveysnail · 21/12/2019 18:53

No way would I let two 13 year olds sit a 1 year old never mind that plus a 4 year old.

Winterdaysarehere · 21/12/2019 18:54

If I pop out /after school she may be home with siblings age 14 +15. If me and dh go out for a meal then a sibling age 18 will be 'babysitting '.
She is never the oldest in charge of 5 yo sibling.

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PlasticPatty · 21/12/2019 18:54

Entirely inappropriate.
Don't let your dd stay with her friend again.
Advise social services that these parents leave a twelve year old in charge of younger siblings overnight.

I was left alone with my younger brother overnight at twelve. I was left alone for hours in the evening with him. I was left entirely alone in hotel rooms, and with him in hotel rooms, throughout my childhood. Definitely from my being four years old.
Nothing terrible happened, except to my psyche. I'd rather I'd been properly cared-for.

Winterdaysarehere · 21/12/2019 19:06

I am annoyed that the dm didn't think to advise me they were not going to be home when dd was invited to sleep the first time. Told dd it isn't happening.
Can deal with a stroppy pre teen.
Lots of practice!!
Glad I wasn't being unreasonable -

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