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To send these xmas cards to neighbours?

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Cocorico22 · 21/12/2019 15:32

Bought these as they were cheap and recyclable, so feeling very eco-friendly. Xmas Grin

But on second thoughts they might not be as innocent as they seem Xmas Blush

Can I in good conscience deliver these to my neighbours? On good terms with everyone in the block of flats we're in but only ever give a passing hello!

To send these xmas cards to neighbours?
OP posts:
Hollygaggles · 21/12/2019 15:34

Yes! Definitely send them, they're fine. Smile

Honeybee85 · 21/12/2019 15:35

The carrot one is very funny and yes, a bit naughty.

The pigs in blankets one is very cute and guaranteed safe!

EC22 · 21/12/2019 15:38

I wouldn’t send the carrot one!

cushioncovers · 21/12/2019 15:47

Sorry but I think they are crass. I don't eat meat and find the constant salivating over dead pig quite off putting. There ive said it and now I'm leaving the conversation

mistermagpie · 21/12/2019 15:51

I'm not sure I get the carrot one... the carrot is the showman's nose right? So it's a reference to cocaine is it? If so, it's a bit odd.

The other one is ok, you'd have to be a bit joyless to be offended by that surely, even if you are vegan?

mistermagpie · 21/12/2019 15:51


Hollygaggles · 21/12/2019 15:51

I'm a vegetarian and have been for 35 years, but I don't expect the world to stop on my account!!! Really, the cards are fine. I wouldn't even find the carroty one risque myself. It's just silly.

AllergicToAMop · 21/12/2019 15:52

I am so hoping I am your neighbour!

Elouera · 21/12/2019 15:57

I dont get the carrot one either?
Unless I knew for sure that the neighbours celebrated Christmas, I either wouldnt give them one, or get a more neutral card where I'd wish them a happy festive season, rather than specific Christmas greetings. We live in a very diverse area, and if your neighbour was Muslim or Jewish, they might find the pigs in blankets card very offensive.

YorkshirePuddingsGreatestFan · 21/12/2019 15:58

I got the carrot one from my younger male gym instructor. I thought it was funny Grin

misspiggy19 · 21/12/2019 16:02

I wouldn’t send the carrot one either.

DontCallMeShitley · 21/12/2019 16:03

Are they from the supermarket that advertises Christmas with an animated carrot? Or just a weird range of cards?

I would use them just to get rid of them if I were you, but if I got one it would be hidden behind something else.

Use them for people you feel obliged to give a card to or that wouldn't be bothered about the theme, not anyone you really like that would like a nice card.

Cocorico22 · 21/12/2019 16:36

Gosh thanks everyone, this Christmas card lark's an absolute minefield! But I suppose it's one way to find out what their sense of humour is like Xmas Wink

Will cautiously send carrots to some of neighbours, pigs in blankets to families and also get a few backup cards!

OP posts:
Cocorico22 · 21/12/2019 16:37

@AllergicToAMop I hope all your Christmas carrot wishes come true!

OP posts:
AllergicToAMop · 21/12/2019 16:44

@Cocorico22 go on! Waiting by the door 😂

Cocorico22 · 21/12/2019 16:45

@DontCallMeShitley no, upmarket high street food and clothing retailer! Probably explains why they were half price...

OP posts:
DontCallMeShitley · 21/12/2019 16:53

Awww never mind, they will be OK. Just thought the carrot might be, errr, significant.

Winterwoollies · 22/12/2019 10:02

Good grief there’s some joyless wonders on here. Why is everyone so offended by them? They’re not promoting cocaine abuse or animal abuse. Get a grip. They’re charming cards and obviously not from a soulless pack of ten. I got given the pigs in blankets one and it’s lovely. Give them and don’t think anymore of it. Happy Christmas x

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