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AIBU to think you don’t take your barking dog for a walk at 3am?

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Bellasblankexpression · 21/12/2019 04:01

Been woke up for the second night at 3am by a barking dog on the street - when I looked out, the dog is merrily roaming up and down barking, apparently waiting for their owner who took a while leaving the house, then eventually caught up with them and walked off down the street with them.
In the meantime, the dog was barking excitedly and skipping off into the road and back while he was waiting.

AIBU to think that one, it’s a bit odd to be taking your dog for a walk in the early hours and two, if you’re going to do that at least don’t leave them barking outside until you’re ready to go?!
It makes me think said owner is up to no good, but I do have an overactive imagination!

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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Bellasblankexpression · 21/12/2019 04:02

*woken up
Damn need an edit button
Excuse typos I’m bleary eyed as now cannot get back to sleep!

OP posts:

Painedpleasure · 21/12/2019 04:06

Perhaps his neighbours insisted? Weird I agree.


Tink2007 · 21/12/2019 04:07

I know quite a few people who rise early to walk their dogs.


Jozen · 21/12/2019 04:08

I wouldn't think the owner is up to no good with a noisy dog in tow. Grin
Could be a shift worker come home and taking dog out for a wee and a walk? My neighbour is a police dog handler and often takes the dog for a quick mooch about when they get home at whatever hour. Your neighbour should try and keep the dog quiet though.


PhoneLock · 21/12/2019 04:16

I think two nights in a row would have me reaching for my husband's gun.


DancingPyjamas · 21/12/2019 04:19

To shoot the owner, not the dog I hope? @PhoneLock


Bellasblankexpression · 21/12/2019 04:21

True - If the dog is barking he’s not being very discrete!
I wish he wouldn’t let it roam about. It nearly got hit by a car twice and he appeared to go inside the house or be smoking outside for a bit and just letting the dog wander around the street freely.

I don’t know if it’s a regular thing as I’ve only been woken up these last couple of nights and we’ve not long moved in. Might ask next door 😁

OP posts:

Bellasblankexpression · 21/12/2019 04:22

He probably saw me nosing out of the window at him (the owner, not the dog!) so hopefully that’s made him realise he might actually be waking people up!

OP posts:

PhoneLock · 21/12/2019 04:35

To shoot the owner, not the dog I hope? @PhoneLock**

Both probably. At that time in the morning, I'm rarely at my most rational.


anxioussue · 21/12/2019 04:45

I'd rather they took it for a walk than barked all night in the house


Creepster · 21/12/2019 04:58

When they gotta go they gotta go. I would change the feeding schedule if my pup was wanting to go out at 3am.


Aridane · 21/12/2019 05:28

Certainly not unreasonable to walk dog then. Unreasonable to leave dog outside barking


puds11 · 21/12/2019 05:46

Hmmm I work in the night and see a lot of people who do shift work or anti social hours walking their dogs.


Skidzer · 21/12/2019 05:53

Well the dog doesn't need to be taken for a walk if it's already roaming the streets? The world is its toilet! Odd that he's outside and odder still that someone would walk him at 3am.


MidnightCircus · 21/12/2019 05:54

Don't think taking the dog out is weird- as others have said, shift work and insomnia can easily explain that! Also weather maybe? I had a dog that wouldn't walk in the rain 🤷🏼‍♀️ the dog barking is a bit inconsiderate though, I wouldn't be happy at being woken up. Maybe just speak to the person?


Skidzer · 21/12/2019 06:02

Good God don't talk to him. Anyone who walks a dog at 3am is a serial killer. Fact.


StoneColdSaidSo · 21/12/2019 06:04

It’s not weird at all that he’s taking him at that time. My neighbour does shifts and he often takes their dog out at 3am when he starts work at 4am. Luckily, they’re both quiet and we very rarely hear the dog bark. I wouldn’t be very happy to be woken up to barking.


Skidzer · 21/12/2019 06:05

Or 4am even. It's the witching hours.


Downunderduchess · 21/12/2019 06:13

@PhoneLock What?? A gun? That’s a massive overreaction.


Dangerfloof · 21/12/2019 06:37

Good God don't talk to him. Anyone who walks a dog at 3am is a
serial killer. Fact
This is true I'm afraid, every morning I drag my arse out and down the street at stupid o'clock and I feel murderous. Wether taking dogs or going to work, still feel murderous. One a these days


PhoneLock · 21/12/2019 06:40

"@PhoneLock What?? A gun? That’s a massive overreaction"

You think so?


adaline · 21/12/2019 06:42

Him walking the dog at that time isn't so unusual. If he works shifts then it may be that he's only just got home from work and obviously the dog needs to go out.

But he shouldn't be letting it run free and bark like that unnecessarily.


bmbonanza · 21/12/2019 07:09

I walk my dogs in the dark at 4am but letting him be noisy is unreasonable - I do try to be quiet with dogs, gates etc.


Bluntness100 · 21/12/2019 07:12

You're both being reasonable and unreasonable. Yes he should have controlled his dog better, but if he can't sleep or needs to start work early then it's fine for him to walk his dog.

Imagining he's up to no good is bonkers though.


sobeyondthehills · 21/12/2019 07:15

I walk my dog silly hours as well, but we are quiet. I might pop a note through the door mentioning that he is waking you up with the barking

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