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AIBU to be annoyed at the world

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KTD27 · 21/12/2019 01:10

I already know INBU but posting for sympathy anyway
I have the fucking flu. A week before Xmas. Temp of 39.5 and the usual catalogue of symptoms.
Ds 3 had heart surgery at GOSH Thursday so it’s not the best timing to say the least though he’s been vaccinated. DD 18mo hasn’t 😕
So hit me up with your remedies and feel free to rage with me from my sickbed

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YouNeedToCalmDown · 21/12/2019 02:05

Sorry to hear this. Loads of orange juice and hit up the chemist for their best medicines.

I hope your DS recovers quickly Flowers

Butterfly98 · 21/12/2019 02:21

@KTD27 poor you and no yanbu! Drink plenty of cooled boiled water to flush out your system. Start taking a good vitamin D3 supplement of 25mcg as it really does wonders for your immune system in warding off bugs etc. Try to rest when you can. All the best to your DS x

Mrsgoggingsthe3rd · 21/12/2019 06:41

Night twice a day and and sleep, sleep is the best remedy but I found it really difficult with flu so the night nurse helps. Only providing you’ve got help with the kids tho. Altho when I had I couldn’t stand up so you’ll probably need help whatever.

PositiveVibez · 21/12/2019 06:43

Oh OP you poor thing. Hope your ds is recovering well Flowers

Hot toddies ALWAYS work for me.

Get well soon.

MidnightCircus · 21/12/2019 07:02

Oh, that's horrible timing Flowers if you can, turmeric tea with lemon and honey is nice, helps sweat it out and soothe the throat without overdosing on paracetamol! Though I appreciate that might be tough to get. I hope you get better soon

KTD27 · 21/12/2019 07:24

@Midnightcircus that’s so funny you say that my amazing neighbour has just texted and offered to bring me some. Said it isn’t the most pleasant but swears it’s amazing
Right so sleep, hot toddies, OJ and night nurse. I have a plan
Thanks Cake

OP posts:
Sexnotgender · 21/12/2019 07:28

Ah that’s shit! Hope you’re ok and DS recovers well, I’m a mum to a heart baby too (though she’s nearly 16 now😱).

Plenty of fluids and alternate paracetamol and ibuprofen to keep your temp down, tyrozets if your throat is awful. Sugar to keep your energy up, full sugar squash or sodas.

happinessischocolate · 21/12/2019 09:30

Beecham's all in one liquid medicine really is a cure all, no matter how bad I'm feeling, really can't recommend it enough

KTD27 · 21/12/2019 09:40

Ace tip thank you

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