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To get irrationally angry at Mariah Carey's miniscule bite?

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Whatsername177 · 19/12/2019 21:50

Well, mostly. Every time I see the stupid Walkers Crisp advert I get the rage. Why won't she just just eat a crisp? She actively grimaces. Why would you pay someone to advertise a product who won't even eat a bite?!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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thefattestchip · 19/12/2019 21:51

Why did she do it anyway? Surely she can't need the cash - it's bizarre!


frazzledasarock · 19/12/2019 21:52

Whoever at Walkers crisps paid her gazillions for that advert is at fault.

She clearly never eats walkers crisps and doesn’t think much of them.


Constantlurker · 19/12/2019 21:55

Hahahha this has become such a thing in our house. We now all have to eat the first crisp of a packet in the same way in front of each other. It's ridiculous!


Snowmonster · 19/12/2019 21:58

I laughed my bloody head off the first time I saw that ad, its so obvious hates the crisps , they could have at least paid someone millions who actually looks like they enjoy the product!


LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow · 19/12/2019 21:59 if she is going to let one single molecule of the carb laden morsel down her throat

I want the elf to drop kick her and take the crisps back.


PixieDustt · 19/12/2019 22:01

They could have paid me millions and I would have eaten the multipack crisps for them Xmas Grin


Whatsername177 · 19/12/2019 22:01

I feel I've found my people! DH and can't stop taking the piss!

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Wearywithteens · 19/12/2019 22:02

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn at the poster's request.

LiviaSoprano · 19/12/2019 22:09

My party trick is a whole bag of walkers in one mouthful.


Whatsername177 · 19/12/2019 22:11

That is impressive!

OP posts:

Dita73 · 19/12/2019 22:12

I’m with you on this so much! It’s doing my crust in!! It’s almost like she closely smiles at the bloody crisp! Just eat the bloody thing woman!!!!!! Phew. I feel better now. Thanks OP!


ChiefClerkDrumknott · 19/12/2019 22:12

I’d have gladly taken whatever she was paid to make a salt&vinegar crisp and white bread roll then stuffed it down with gusto Xmas Grin


Garlicinyoursoul · 19/12/2019 22:14

Oh God I feel actual rage when I see her take those crisps off that poor man, just to nibble the edge.
I feel it would have improved the advert if he bitch slapped the bag out of her hand at the end.


Roominmyhouse · 19/12/2019 22:17

I’m refusing to buy walkers crisps as it’s made me so angry! Just eat the bloody crisp Mariah!


Warmhandscoldheart · 19/12/2019 22:18

If the advert wasn't bad enough her bloody face is plastered over every single bag of crisps!!!!


doodlyfiddly · 19/12/2019 22:19

Thank you! The world's most reluctant crisp eater gets paid £6 million. It almost puts me off my packet of cheese & onion!


anon2000000000 · 19/12/2019 22:19

I would have done the advert for a nominal fee.

Genuine happiness when I eat them.


Whatsername177 · 19/12/2019 22:20

Grin giggling at all of these!

OP posts:

HeronLanyon · 19/12/2019 22:22

Had no idea so have just watched it. I actually took it that she was signalling her contempt for the loser elf and showing him the ‘right’ way to eat and taunting him.
Think if I saw it again I’d be shouting ‘just eat the bloody thing’ at the tv.


Yetanotherwinter · 19/12/2019 22:33

I hate her and her whining horrible voice with a passion. She has a voice like a lawn mover and actually hurts my ears. I can’t even watch the advert.


BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo · 19/12/2019 22:40

The same happened when Walkers hired Elle McPherson! Why do Walkers think hiring these A listers who clearly only feast on caviar would make mere mortals buy their crisps?


Chelsea26 · 19/12/2019 22:52

The thing that is most annoying is, it’s not fucking real!
Bite the crisp/cut/spit it out
Take 2
Bite the crisp/cut/spit it out
Etc etc

She could have smooshed and chugged an entire bag and then spat it out for all we’d know!

It’s soooooo annoying


Milsplus3 · 19/12/2019 22:53

Agreed she annoys the hell out of me, her high pitched screech is like nails on a chalkboard, clearly running low on money!


LunasOrchid · 19/12/2019 22:56

I'm glad someone has started this thread! I noticed it weeks ago and was so angry 😂

Can we just clear something up.. She doesn't even bite the fucking crisp. She holds it in her teeth by the smallest bit possible.

£6 million she's been paid and she couldn't even chew a crisp!


BreconBeBuggered · 19/12/2019 22:58

Yes! There's Mariah taking dainty little pretend bites and being paid £££s for the privilege, and there's me, a bona fide crisp lover who has never even seen a sprout flavoured crisp.
Waitrose cheese & onion beat Walkers hands down anyway, so get it up yis, Walkers.

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