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AIBU to get annoyed when traders try to buy stuff cheap from me on EBay?

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Lincolnfield · 19/12/2019 17:28

This has happened twice recently. I don’t sell loads of stuff on eBay but just occasionally I think, okay I’ll list this and see if I can make a few quid for Christmas or holiday spending money or something.

I listed an expensive handbag and the buyer got it for a real bargain price. I didn’t feel bad at first because I got the money I wanted and thought somebody had got a real treat for themselves. Then she messaged me and said please don’t leave me feedback because I like to be private. I thought it a bit of a strange request so had a look at her profile and saw that she’s a flipping trader selling the same kind of bags for a shed load more than she paid me! She just didn’t want any potential buyers to see how much (little) she’d bought my bag for.

It’s not the money. I’d have been happy if she’d been a genuine private buyer but I just feel really cross about it.

So, just now I’ve listed a little gold ring. I’ve put a reasonable price on it. Definitely less than it’s worth but, again, if I get a bit of money and somebody gets a bargain, then all’s good. All of this week this damn woman has been plaguing me to ‘negotiate a deal’ with her and she’ll ‘pay me cash.’

Yesterday, she even had the cheek to message and say, ‘I see you don’t have any bids on the ring so now will you do a deal with me.’ There are 27 people watching the ring and thankfully somebody else has bid. I was a bit wiser this time and looked at her profile and, you guessed, she is a trader selling the same make of jewellery.

I’d rather take the ring off eBay than sell it to her! It’s nice to make a bit of pocket money but I do like to think somebody else gets a bit of a bargain from me.

These traders are just too bloody cheeky and too pushy!

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?

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You are being unreasonable
You are NOT being unreasonable
Marriedtoapenguin · 19/12/2019 17:30

Cheeky? Maybe, but if they can flip stuff then why not? If they don't sell it then it's just sitting there as stock.

The jewelry buyer fair enough, that's taking the wotsit.

heartsonacake · 19/12/2019 17:37

YABVU. Who the hell cares who it ends up with if you’re happy with the price?

They have every right to buy cheap and sell it on at a higher price; they’re wise to do so. They’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just being incredibly sanctimonious.

Duchessgummybuns · 19/12/2019 17:37

As long as they pay what you’re asking I don’t see the problem. What I can’t stand are the people who send insulting offers well below asking, or ask to post outside UK when you’ve clearly listed UK only.

Jinglebellissimo · 19/12/2019 17:40

Gosh you would have hated volunteering in the charity shop I used to work for! Big ticket items - trade buyers got a call before it even went on the shop floor

isseywith4vampirecats · 19/12/2019 17:52

but that's what business is all about I used to be an antiques dealer and bought at auction houses I used to buy as cheap as I could and sell for as high as I could, was I supposed to trace the original owner and give them some of my profit back, next time you have something like this for sale on ebay put the item in the search bar go down the left hand column and click on completed listings the green ones are what items actually sold for gives you a better idea of what price to put things on ebay for, instead of starting too cheap and someone else making the money you should be making

SilverySurfer · 19/12/2019 17:54

I've never used Ebay but provided you got a price you are happy with, I don't understand why it's a problem. Of course she is going to sell the item for more than she paid you, it's her business. How else is she supposed to make a profit? And if she is able to sell it for more, there's no reason why you couldn't have charged more.

Strugglingtodomybest · 19/12/2019 17:57

I'm more interested in the voting results:
50% say YABU
56% say YANBU.

AIBU to get annoyed when traders try to buy stuff cheap from me on EBay?
SilverySurfer · 19/12/2019 17:58

A very good example isseywith4vampirecats I used to have an antiques stall every weekend and bought my stock from anywhere I could buy at a price that I could sell at a profit, including auctions and other markets.

halcyondays · 19/12/2019 18:04

Put things on for a higher price then. Anyone can bid and sell things on, what's wrong with that?

Lincolnfield · 19/12/2019 18:29

I probably didn’t make myself clear. I don’t have a problem with people buying things to sell on if it’s done in an open and honest way but I do have a problem when they imply that they are private buyers - which is what these two have done.

I once sold an expensive watch to a local jewellery shop and, of course, I knew they were going to sell it at a profit, but that’s my point really. These two traders both phrased their messages as though they were like me, just ordinary private people just treating themselves. For example, the person who bought my bag had messaged me saying, ‘I’d really love the bag. I’ve been looking for one like it for ages.’

As a footnote, the person who was after my ring didn’t win it and the person who did, is very clearly a private buyer!

OP posts:
heartsonacake · 19/12/2019 18:41

They didn’t imply anything, OP, you inferred it. There’s a difference.

For example, the person who bought my bag had messaged me saying, ‘I’d really love the bag. I’ve been looking for one like it for ages.’

And she did really love to have the bag, she will have been looking for one like it for ages... to sell. She’s not lied to you or misled you in any way.

Shesalittlemadam · 19/12/2019 18:43

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

misspiggy19 · 19/12/2019 18:44

Leave the handbag woman feedback. That will teach her.

Shesalittlemadam · 19/12/2019 18:44

Leave the handbag woman feedback. That will teach her.

THIS!!!!!! ^

Brimful · 19/12/2019 18:50

But it doesn't matter what your buyer does with it, I think YABVU.

The buyer bid the most and won - whether they use it, gift it or sell it on is neither here nor there.

Sunflower20 · 19/12/2019 22:43

It shouldn’t be such an issue if you’re happy with the price it sold for. Some people are cheeky though, currently selling something new for £120 (RRP £150 and it never goes on sale). Some CF sends an offer of £40! I don’t even bother replying to those.

jgjgjgjgjg · 19/12/2019 22:46

You can set your selling criteria to block bids from individual buyers on Ebay

ThreeAnkleBiters · 19/12/2019 22:50

YANBU it's your stuff and you can sell it to who you want. I know exactly what you mean - you like getting a bit of pocket money and it's also nice to know that someone will be enjoying the item you sold for a good price.

ThreeAnkleBiters · 19/12/2019 22:50

Leave the handbag woman feedback. That will teach her.

Definitely this!

bridgetreilly · 19/12/2019 23:08
  1. It's totally fine to leave feedback and she shouldn't ask you not to. That might even be against eBay TOS.

  1. You don't have to sell to anyone you don't want to, but there's no reason they shouldn't ask.
jimmyhill · 19/12/2019 23:23

market traders from the local Asian community who raced in from BEHIND us (no racism intended just adding context)


greedy bargain hunting savages


TildaKauskumholm · 19/12/2019 23:39

Yes, annoying. Once I listed some vintage dress fabric, had an email wanting a buy it now, going on about how she really wanted to make herself a dress etc. I got suspicious and checked her out and she was selling vintage fabric for £££per quarter or half meter.

beethecrackon24995 · 20/12/2019 00:02

Sour grapes 're handbag sale. You were happy with the initial sale. Wouldn't bother me. I've sold many times on eBay to someone that i realised later was a dealer selling on. Nothing wrong with being a dealer if you declare your money and don't over barter. I think you are jealous and being greedy

tectonicplates · 20/12/2019 00:03

I agree you should leave feedback. Make sure you say "Thank you so much for buying my [name of designer] handbag. Hope you enjoy using it".

Having said that, sorry to say it but if traders are constantly hassling you, it means you're setting your prices too low. If you price things higher so they can't make a profit out of you, then you're more likely to get genuine buyers. Stop doing auctiins8 and sell things on Buy It Now with a fixed price. And don't forget to block anyone who sends you annoying messages.

CSIblonde · 20/12/2019 00:12

YANBU. I sold a hideous glitter toilet seat & got a woman harassing me saying I should reduce it & deliver it too rather than collection "because she was disabled" . It went for full price & pick up only a day later.

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