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To delay ivf to eat healthily for another month??

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Clarkgriswald1 · 19/12/2019 12:06

Posting for traffic! From return of our holidays after Christmas till egg collection will be 2 months so 2 months of healthy eating no alcohol caffeine and lots of supplements etc. Everything I’ve read says 3 months to prepare but we are going on holidays over Christmas (much needed holiday after a very tough year) and we want to just enjoy ourselves and have wine with dinner and eat out etc, few cocktails.

Should we delay the cycle another month to make it 3 month of healthy eating or would it not really make that much difference?

OP posts:
NoMorePoliticsPlease · 19/12/2019 12:11

I have no idea whether it would, but cant do any harm and make make you feel better about outcomes

fligglepige · 19/12/2019 12:12

Have you asked the clinic?

Clarkgriswald1 · 19/12/2019 12:17

Clinics don’t tend to put any focus on nutrition bar taking a supplement. I guess a it is pretty much down to the science they don’t get involved in any benefits of food and diet.

OP posts:
CMOTDibbler · 19/12/2019 12:17

Don't delay it. As long as your diet hasn't been totally appalling to the extent you could have a deficiency (like a vegan diet without enough B12 and not taking a supplement), or drinking to massive excess, then 2 months to make yourself feel like you have prepared is plenty.
Have a lovely holiday and enjoy yourselves

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