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Gumtree buyers

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Symbollove · 19/12/2019 10:37

They can just be so annoying sometimes!
Nearly every ad of mine, I will get mssgs asking what's the best price, so I'll give it and they accept then proceed to ask what is the condition? Like are u kidding me! Did you even read the ad which explains everything including the condition, and hello what are the 20(bit of an exaggeration) pictures there for??!
Honestly drives me mad!
Am selling a chest of draw which retails for £130, I've put it up for £30, in great condition apart from a small scribble on the side of the draw.
I get a mssg today asking what's the lowest i can go to if they collect today. So i said £25, she kept mssging with 'X' at the end and alot of hahaha and how she desperately wants it before Christmas.
She said she's happy with £25 and then asks the condition of the draw, like really?? I told her briefly on the mssg and politely asked to look at the ad.
She then mssgs asking will I accept £20 if she collects today.
Sorry what? How do you go from agreeing to collect today at £25 to £20.
also she now wants to look at the draw and may not even buy it. Am going away for Xmas so don't have time for strangers to come have a look, will have to clear the draw out too; which am not doing for someone that just wants to look!
First few mssgs she wants it right away for Xmas and then she wants to have a look and doesn't know if she will buy it. Changes the price from 25 to 20 😐😐😐😐😐
Am moving which is why am selling at such a cheap price anyway. Honestly I think she thought she will have me fooled with all her 'X's and just accept anything.

OP posts:

LoobyLou1976 · 19/12/2019 10:53

Recently moved house, and had to deal with moronic Gumtree buyers. I got so fed up of the ridiculous messages that I ended up giving about £2000 worth of furniture away for free. I then discovered a charity run by the council in my local area that gives unwanted furniture to a local cause helping out homeless or low income families, so I gave them my remaining stuff.
Honestly, it's not worth the hassle selling stuff for £20 if you can afford to, just give it away. I had replies trying to knock a £400 dining table and 6 chairs (used about 3 times) down to £30, others messaging just wanting two chairs etc, others wanting me to deliver it, others wanting me to hold it for a couple weeks for them etc. These posts happened with everything I was listing despite the blurb saying I DONT deliver, please make sure you have a van large enough (people turning up in a tiny car to collect a sideboard that does not dismantle etc). one lady got very furious when I listed a huge sideboard and told her it would not fit in her car, she messaged me to say it was ridiculous that I could not dismantle it for her. This was a very good quality sideboard listed for free as we were moving house and I didn't have room for it.

Honestly I will never use gumtree again, its not worth the hassle of dealing with complete entitled, rude and stupid people. Not to mention the people that just don't turn up (3 out of 4) despite lots of emails back and forth arranging a day and time.


Marshmallow91 · 19/12/2019 11:02

Chest of draw Grin


Symbollove · 19/12/2019 11:41

Oh my goodness you just reminded me of a lady that came few months ago to pick up my computer desk. I told her it's upstairs so if you come in the evening my dh will bring it down for you, she said she needs to come in the afternoon as in the evening she'll have several children in the car and thus no space to fit the computer desk. So i said please bring a second person with you to help take it down and a large vehicle as it won't fit in a regular car. She said she's getting help with her. So anyways she turns up with a small child who looks about 7-8 years old! I let them in and was waiting thinking someone else is coming too but no it was just her and her little girl!! Clearly the girl couldn't help her and they were struggling, I was feeding my newborn eventually then went and helped even though physically I was not in good health to be lifting. I took it out of my house and then left them to it. She struggled alot trying to get it in her car, I just had to ignore at this point, don't know why these people think their small vehicles can perform miracles!

OP posts:

GoKartMozart · 19/12/2019 11:50

This is why everything I have now goes to the local hospice shop. Life is far too short to be dealing with knob heads over a £25 chest of drawers.


MolnMal · 19/12/2019 23:36

I had a guy turn up to buy a chest of drawers and when it came to handing over the money he didn’t have any and said sorry my wife arranged it she didn’t tell me. Tell you what - that you would have to pay for it? So then he had to do a bank transfer instead of cash, then he didn’t have any mobile data so had to log onto my WiFi from the doorstep to do a transfer. Absolute time wasting morons on occasion Hmm . Although some people have been very nice who I’ve met selling items.

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