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To wonder why meat-eating colleague keeps banging on about it?

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Ritascornershop · 19/12/2019 04:33

I work with just one other person (but in a building with dozens of other people in the same company, but who we rarely interact with).

My colleague doesn’t just eat meat, she really, really loves meat. That’s fine. I’ve been veggie for ethical reasons for decades. I understand that eating meat is a norm, but what I don’t understand is why she talks about it daily.

She orders books on how to make terrines and sausages and whatnot and has them delivered to work. Then she reads recipes out to me (while I say “you’ll enjoy that - I must get back to work now.” At the end of many work days she’ll tell me she’s “going home to cook a duck/lamb/some veal.” She leaves pieces of raw meat lying around our shared kitchen (shared between the 2 of us). She sits at her desk 4 feet from me eating a piece of pate the size of a piece of pie.

Am I being precious or is this a bit weird? There is literally not a day goes by without her talking about meat or leaving raw meat lying around. She’s quite nice so I don’t think she’s trying to unnerve me. AIBU?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Ritascornershop · 19/12/2019 15:44

We’re not in the U.K. & the whole health and safety thing is not such a big thing here.

Most meat-eaters are totally fine, I just get the usual “but bacon!” comments. I’ve never had this happen before! I’ll work on grey rocking her about the meat.

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MrsFoxPlus4Again · 19/12/2019 15:52

Maybe you could start leaving random vegetables around the place and trees see if she cares

Needatranslator · 19/12/2019 15:57

I want an egg boiler. Will I stink the office out?

NomNomNomNom · 19/12/2019 15:57

She's probably POed with sanctimonious preachy vegans and vegetarians (not necessarily you!) and has decided to act the same way herself.

Well maybe all the vegetarians are POed with the sanctimonious meat eaters so decide to get preachy in return. Since OP has said she never mentions her diet this woman would have to be pretty mental to decide to get revenge on a load of mythical preachy vegetarians by annoying a completely different person with her endless meat chatter!

For what it's worth I know more annoying meat eaters ("I can't possibly go without meat for one meal") then preachy vegetarians/vegans. I'm not veggie myself either.

AlrightyyThen · 19/12/2019 16:11

Lots of meat eaters can feel defensive in the presence of somebody who doesn't eat meat; it's almost as though they have to prove a point that it's ok to eat it. I think deep down there's an element of guilt so they become almost aggressive about it; it sounds like your colleague is one of these. ^This!

I’m veggie but never mention it. On occasions people get super defensive just at the mention of the word and it makes them all weird. They think you’re going to attempt a moral high ground and try to counteract it... but in reality there’s nothing to counteract because most of us don’t want to lecture anyone Confused

At a restaurant if I order vegan/veggie you’d get like my dad or something going “I’ll have a BIG steak, RARE, still mooing, straight from the field, make it a baby one” Hmm When I first told him I was veggie he exclaimed “I really like meat, I eat a

AlrightyyThen · 19/12/2019 16:13

*sorry pressed too soon!

...I eat meat all the time. Meat is great. I can’t not eat meat”. Noones ever asked him to 😂

AryaStarkWolf · 19/12/2019 16:20

Love how many people can not comprehend the idea that meat eaters could possibly ever be unreasonable!

This ^^ I swear all these millions and millions of preachy vegetarians are un urban legend as well

MogHog · 19/12/2019 17:15

Tenner says she has an Instant Pot

Ritascornershop · 19/12/2019 18:58

As a vegetarian I haven’t met a vegan yet who’s tried to get me off eggs and cheese. So they may well be an urban legend. Or people say “why don’t you eat meat” and the decliner says “because of animal cruelty” and the meat eater runs away shrieking “militant boring vegan!!”

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Peggyflo · 19/12/2019 19:21

I find people strange like this.

I work in wildlife rescue and i always seem to get people harping on about roadkill they have seen, animals they have near hit (or hit!), one guy telling me about his past exploits working at a pest control company and another going on about his brother who is a gamekeeper Hmm

Thanks but.....why tell me, specifically after finding out what i do?

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