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What are this person’s initials?

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propterhoc · 18/12/2019 22:54

I’ve bought someone a personalised item for Christmas but DH thinks I’ve got their initials wrong. Help.

The name is (well, it isn’t) Amy Beatrix Clarke-Daniels.

I think the initials are ACD or ABCD.

DH thinks they should be AC or ABC.

Who’s right?

OP posts:

fastliving · 18/12/2019 22:55

Go for ABCD


DoIhavetobejolly · 18/12/2019 22:55

I'm with you.

It's either ACD or ABCD.


PoultryBallot · 18/12/2019 22:55

You hyphens should have equal weight


Queenest · 18/12/2019 22:56

Maybe they all are. Difficult one.


DramaAlpaca · 18/12/2019 22:56

Yep, ACD or ABCD. Definitely.


NobJobWinker · 18/12/2019 22:56

I agree with you but don't have a double barrel name so I'm just guessing really


Queenest · 18/12/2019 22:57



HollowTalk · 18/12/2019 22:57

ACD or ABCD. I wouldn't use my middle name in my initials.


Horsepants · 18/12/2019 22:58

I'm with you OP.


Myusername101 · 18/12/2019 22:59

ACD, you would say anne-marie Smith's initials were AMS just AS


ArnoldBee · 18/12/2019 23:00

My friend has a hyphenated surname but has his initials as ACS. The C and S are the hyphenated surname part.


BingoLittlesUncle · 18/12/2019 23:00

I with you. MiL who has a double barrelled name pulls people up if they only use part of it.


Icanflyhigh · 18/12/2019 23:01

OH has a double-barrelled surname and both parts carry equal weight so for me it is ABCD.


1066vegan · 18/12/2019 23:01


If the first name was also hyphenated, then ABCD.


TripleASays · 18/12/2019 23:02

I have a dounle barrelled surname and would use ACD


delineateddelinquent · 18/12/2019 23:02

Does she use Beatrix day to day?


Rachelfromfriends1 · 18/12/2019 23:03

What name do they go by on social media?


RiftGibbon · 18/12/2019 23:06

I have two surnames, no hyphen. I drop my middle name(s) initial (s) and would be ACD


GlamGiraffe · 18/12/2019 23:07

Hyphenated surname, both parts use their initial.
Gift recipient would not be impressed by your husband. I would think he was nuts as It would seem like he was ignoring the second part Of my surname (possibly on purpose, as some people with an issue over double barrelled names deliberately do that IME).


AreYouSiriusLupin · 18/12/2019 23:09

You are right. I am double barrelled and would see the alternative as being wrong.


MyNewBearTotoro · 18/12/2019 23:11

ABCD or ACD would both seem right depending on if you want to include their middle name. Both initials of the double-barrelled name should usually be included, although of course it’s always possible this person is an exception and chooses not to initial it. Does DP know this person well and speak from experience of them using initials or is he just basing it on what he (wrongly) considers to be the norm for hyphenated surnames?


GlamGiraffe · 18/12/2019 23:12

If it's something you are for example having engraved like cufflinklinks (but not for Amy!)
The initial order doesn't necessarily go in the same order as the name is written either, although of course you can do that. Traditionally the surname initials (s) go in the middle with the first bane initial on the left and middle on the right. Its weird.
It would be A CD B! Very strange


sideorderofchips · 18/12/2019 23:16

I have a double barrel first name and a triple barrel surname (thanks for that dh)

So a-b c-d-e

Mainly I go by a e

But otherwise its a d-e


msmith501 · 18/12/2019 23:17

A B C-D or A C-D


propterhoc · 18/12/2019 23:26

DH is basing it on fuck all. Actually, he’s jeep says that Gracie-Mae White would just be GW which I think is right but first names are different?

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