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Last minute Secret santa rage!!!

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SchoolMumsAreTheWorst · 18/12/2019 13:37

AIBU in thinking if you do secret santa you organise it weeks in advance (at the earliest) and give people the option to opt out.

I have 2 jobs, a weekday one and a weekend one. Weekday job haven't done as, I presumed weekend one didn't too until I went in last w/e and was told to go pick my name for ss....1) It was presumed I would be taking part and 2) I have a week to find and buy a present for someone. And 3) this person is off work on chemo so don't want to just buy some tat, I want them to think people are thinking of them and do care enough to put some thought into a present.

I'm mainly annoyed I've only got a week to think about it all.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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itbemay · 18/12/2019 14:41

spacemask - you can buy them from amazon, get it delivered directly if you can hassle free :-)

itbemay · 18/12/2019 14:41

but YANBU - a weeks notice isn't long enough at this busy time of year x

SillyUnMurphy · 18/12/2019 14:41

Someone mentioned reusable straws - they had lots of different ones in Aldi this week; silicone and metal in a pack of five. I also saw Paw Paw lip balm sets in TK Max this morning.

RhymingRabbit3 · 18/12/2019 14:56

Space mask is a good idea

Snowpatrolling · 18/12/2019 14:57

My grandma is currently undergoing chemotherapy, her skin is terribly dry and itchy and she’s always freezing cold, so anything for that,
Cancer research has an online shop or if you type in chemo creams lots comes up.
At least you may be able to get something delivered.
I did buy her an iTunes voucher as she used to play games on her phone whilst she was having treatment so that’s another idea if he has an iPhone!
I hate secret Santa with a passion! Just glad my work dont do it!! Lol!

MLMsuperfan · 18/12/2019 15:11

Secret Santa is just awful. I would never do one.

I would buy a gift for a poorly colleague though.

SchoolMumsAreTheWorst · 18/12/2019 16:44

I picked a name as mine had already been chosen and I don't agree with someone buying for me and then me not buying for anyone.

I have been stressing all week not knowing what to buy him. I'm thinking socks, a puzzle and a stress ball.

Thank you everyone for your help.

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Isithometimeyet0987 · 18/12/2019 17:04

For a man I would still buy a nice moisturisor, a nice blanket, wooly socks TK max do some lovely men’s ones maybe some nice chocolates to throw in, if you know if they have a hobby throw in a magazine related to the hobby. A nice wee pamper pack for a man.

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