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To ask when AF will show after anovulation?

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Carley321 · 18/12/2019 09:47

Maybe i'm posting in the wrong forum, but thought i'd give it a go.

So usually I use CB sticks to predict ovulation, I get a static smiley, then around 11 days later af shows. cycles of around 29/33 days

Well this cycle no static only flashing smileys and no other symptoms of ovulation. Has anyone experienced this and if so, when should I expect my period? we have booked time away at Christmas around what would have been AF. So typical!

please help x

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GoldLeafTree · 18/12/2019 09:52

Nobody on here can say when you'll have your period. It might be that you didn't ovulate this month or perhaps you missed it ( were you testing in the morning and the evening? ) or you'll ovulate later than usual.


Carley321 · 18/12/2019 10:08

Thanks for the reply @GoodLeafTree I was having follicular scanning done at the same time so confirmed that it wasn't happening this month. I don't think it's late. I think it just isn't going to happen. Have you had experience of this?

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EnglishRain · 18/12/2019 10:17

It could be anytime, sadly. I have PCOS and my cycles tend to be shorter if I don't ovulate, more like 24/25 days. But I have had cycles that were 40+ days and I don't know if I ovulated or not during those. I could have ovulated later.

Not much help, sorry!


Carley321 · 18/12/2019 10:20

Thanks for the reply @EnglishRain. Sorry you have PCOS. I was kind of thinking, everyone is different, but just wanted some stories. Typical its taken me over a year to get a regular few cycles and 1 month of scanning and I'm clueless again.

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