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to be slightly put out that my 37th birthday celebration wasn't something more than a greasy breakfast

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lucyellensmum · 24/08/2007 15:51

hurriedly eaten in local cafe, before DD grew tired of the colouring pencils

I always vowed my 37th birthday would be the one where i would "Drive through Paris, in a sports car, with the warm wind in my hair"!!!

DD is just two, so that was never going to happen but you would think it wouldnt be such a non event really. DP said he WAS going to book us a table in a really nice resturant that i really like, BUT didnt really want to ask my mum to babysit.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful as we had a lovely walk along the beach with DD on the first ok day for well, days, and i wouldnt have wanted to be anywhere else than tooting stones into the sea with her

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MamaG · 24/08/2007 16:03

He might be surprising you tonight! If not, withhold all BJs for at least 6 months.

Happy birthday


lucyellensmum · 24/08/2007 16:17

yes but MamaG - i quite like, you know, shhhhh BJs

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PassiveAggressivePaula · 24/08/2007 16:20

Perhaps there will be a surprise cake for tea?


lucyellensmum · 24/08/2007 16:37

hmmmm, you would think, wouldnt you that he might do something, my mood is descending from mildly disappointed to resentful . We went out for his birthday. Now of course, being friday, is too late to book anywhere worth going, so it will just be another night of stuffing my dinner into my face whilst dd whinges and whines over hers, bathing DD reading DD mountains of stories, putting her to bed, at 10 fecking PM!! So unless there is a surprise looming, which it doesnt look like, then im officially declaring this a pants birthday

OP posts:

lucyellensmum · 24/08/2007 17:23

so the official consensus must be that i am an ungrateful bint, judging by the hordes of sympathy messages

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belgo · 24/08/2007 17:27

the best thing for you to do is to organise your birthday celebration yourself. that's what I do, and then I'm not disappointed.

It's a huge amount of pressure on your partners to organise a wonderful day to us.

I even buy my own birthday present.


belgo · 24/08/2007 17:27

oh and happy birthday


barnstaple · 24/08/2007 17:30

No, you're not an ungrateful bint. BUT, it does seem that many men have a problem sorting things for their partner's birthdays... My dh remembered mine this year - first time since the year we were married (10!). And the fuss he makes over his own is like a 5yo! Usually I don't even get a card, let alone a present! He'll go out and get something later that week and apologise. Some things you just have to take on the chin.

Tell him he'd better make your 40th worth remembering, though!

Who organised the night out for his birthday, by the way?


lucyellensmum · 24/08/2007 17:33

just dont feel comfy doing that, we always usually do something, but i feel that this year, i deserved to be spoilt, ive had a shit time recently and i could have done with the lift - oh well, back to normality, i have a horrible feeling that he has gone to buy a stupidly expensive coffee maker that i commented to my mum that i wouldnt mind getting, the only reason i said that is because i thought he might like the coffee, im perfectly happy with instant!!! So thats my night out buggered, hes been out on and an errand that should have took him no more than half an hour, i cant get him on the phone and hes been gone three hours!!!

I know i should organise myself but sometimes just sometimes it would be nice for someone else to sort it out, because they WANT to.

Feeling very now

OP posts:

ladymuck · 24/08/2007 17:45

Has your dp done lots of surprise events for you before? If not, did you communicate with him in advance and let him know that one of the ways you would know the extent of his love for you would be if he were to organise a birthday treat?

If neither are the case then you are relying on your dp either mind-reading or having had an empathy transplant. he still loves you, he just may not realsie how important this stuff is to you. And he may not even realise that you did organise anythig for his birthday - he can probably only remember the bj.

Next year, give him 2 months notice, with a reminder at one month to go. He may still surprise you.

But tonight order your favourite takeaway and get in a nice bottle of wine and dvd.


ruty · 24/08/2007 17:52

feel for you lucyellensmum but ladymuck is probably right. Happy Birthday tho! [mine was last week]


ruty · 24/08/2007 17:54

BTW my dad took us out but if he hadn't I would have made bloody sure dh had booked a table! We always eat early and take ds with us, so no babysitting worries.


lucyellensmum · 25/08/2007 14:31

OK OK LEM has to eat a huuuuge portion of humble pie. He did surprise me with a meal in my favourite restuarant, it was lovely, really romantic, then i came home and fell asleep on the sofa!!! I guess i owe him one tonight

OP posts:

MrsTittleMouse · 25/08/2007 16:59

Hurray! Glad that it all worked out well.

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