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What kind of primary school...

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lovelyjubilly · 17/12/2019 21:46

...organises for the children to have Roman dress-up day on December 18th.


As if I haven't got enough to do.

I obviously completely forgot about it until they sent a reminder this afternoon and now I have to figure out how to dress her as a Roman using random stuff I already have in the house, whilst also making sure that she's vaguely warm enough.

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TheJoxter · 17/12/2019 21:47

Sheet toga on top of normal warm clothes!

SeasonallySnowyPeasant · 17/12/2019 21:48

The same primary school that cheerily sends round a text inviting you to your child’s Christmas performance with 4 hours’ notice? Xmas Angry

Soontobe60 · 17/12/2019 21:49

Leggngs, long sleeved t shirt, sheet, belt,

lovelyjubilly · 17/12/2019 21:51

The same primary school that cheerily sends round a text inviting you to your child’s Christmas performance with 4 hours’ notice?

Ewwwww! We had 12 hours notice for their xmas jumper day this year too. Sigh.

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CSIblonde · 17/12/2019 21:51

An idiotic one. As an ex teacher, that last day is for games they're allowed to bring in: & the Xmas party is a few days before, so that there's not quite so much hysteria come last day.

DinosApple · 17/12/2019 21:52

😂 I work in a school (it's not ours btw) but we've made a mental note to never, ever have the Christmas play in the last week again. It's too much for the kids, the parents and us!

Blacksackunderthetreesfreeze · 17/12/2019 21:52

I had no notice to attend a performance my dd was in today! Couldn’t have gone anyway though so in a way it saved me the guilt.

Blacksackunderthetreesfreeze · 17/12/2019 21:53

I agree it’s a daft time for a dress up day!

teenmumandsowhat · 17/12/2019 21:55

Probably falls into the same category as the primary school that gives you less than 24 hours notice that you need to provide food for each classes party, leaving me frantically making dairy-free sausage rolls late at night as both of my dc’s have allergies.
Unfortunately despite providing said safe sausage rolls, one class messed up and accidentally gave normal ones HmmAngry
Now got one ill dc..

RagingBall · 17/12/2019 22:01

Haha op - I think our dc go to the same school/are in the same class!
I've cut up a white sheet - that'll have to do Smile

MyCatScaresDogs · 17/12/2019 22:03

Oh, I feel your pain - maybe the one that organises a (no Christmas theme) bake sale the week before Christmas? Obviously with sourcing costume bit for nativity that DC didn’t even bloody wear (not that I’m bitter), and all other Christmas-related stuff, I clearly didn’t have enough to do...

WhispersOfWickedness · 17/12/2019 22:09

There's a school local to me that had this type of dressing up day on the second day back at school in September!! Confused As if people haven't got enough to worry about with back to school than providing a caveman outfit as well Shock

Expat1986 · 17/12/2019 22:10

This week we have so far had:

Request on Tuesday morning drop off for parents to help walk the kids to church... at 9:45am THAT DAY.

Decision for all kids to have a packed lunch on Wednesday for school trips

Additional Christmas party on Friday that enquires party food with no egg.

New cake stall on Friday after school which requires provision of cake (to buy back an hour later).

I feel your pain!

SeasonallySnowyPeasant · 17/12/2019 22:18

A caveman costume 😂

Rach000 · 17/12/2019 22:33

Reading this has just reminded me it is Christmas party outfit day tomorrow!

tillytrotter1 · 18/12/2019 15:43

I would be willing to bet that many of these dates were on the events calendar sent out in September, the jumper day is a national thing run by SCF.

LadyMonicaBaddingham · 18/12/2019 15:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyMonicaBaddingham · 18/12/2019 15:59

I concur, @tillytrotter1 It never ceases to amaze me how many parents at the school where I work never seem to read the many Parentmails/printed letters sent home/notices outside classrooms and then claim that they are given no notice to do things... 🙄

rhubarbcrumbles · 18/12/2019 16:04

It's not the school that is at fault if you forgot.

MyCatScaresDogs · 18/12/2019 16:18

No indeed, but a week’s notice is always nice, especially when the school invites kids to wear Christmas jumpers on a day which isn’t Christmas jumper day! Our school newsletter is excellent (and I go through it every week) but some of the events appear to be organised at quite short notice.

ArkAtEee · 18/12/2019 17:36

Another one here with DC in a school with many ad-hoc short notice events. I make a point of reading the newsletter and am still caught out. Or, they tell you to save the date, but don't tell you the time till a couple of days before when it might be too hard to arrange with work.

Hoppinggreen · 18/12/2019 17:41

I run a parents FB group and put all events/ dress ups etc on 24 hours before it happens. EVERY time there are 3 or 4 response saying why weren’t we told? Why didn’t we know? And so on.
I get all my info from the newsletter and school emails

ChickenNugget86 · 18/12/2019 21:52

Although frustrating might be because it's the end of the topic?

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