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To ask for help ditching the sugar

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Saltdoughmuncher · 17/12/2019 20:45

I am 33 and admit I am addicted to sugar. I eat chocolates and sweets pretty much every day and crave them all the time.

My teeth already have 4 fillings from being a teenager with a bad diet and I now need another one.

How am I going to ditch the sugar? I need some help as I can’t afford to damage any more of my teeth.

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concooktion · 18/12/2019 06:15

It might also be worth getting your vitamin levels checked. I had mine checked for another reason, had very low vitamin D. Started taking supplements and my craving of sweets and salty crisps vanished overnight.

SimonJT · 18/12/2019 06:34

As your children get older they are likely to end up following your diet, do you want that? You’re also putting yourself at risk of type two diabetes.

Food isn’t just about pleasure, it’s mainly fuel, a meal doesn’t have to taste amazing etc, it needs to be nutritionally balanced and a benefit to your body.

Any change is hard and scary, but you’re the only one who can make that change and you’re the only one who can make it a success.

annabell22 · 18/12/2019 06:40

Books you might find helpful - Sarah Wilson I Quit Sugar, Davina also did one with recipes etc, and Gary Taubes The Case Against Sugar.

If you have time to listen to podcasts (e.g. while driving or walking or cleaning etc) then try Dr Rangan Chatterjee's Feel Better Live More.

The more veg you eat, the better, and you will grow to like them and so will your kids. Protein keeps you full (full fat Greek yogurt, nuts, cheese) and if you do quit sugar, you will notice that you stop getting those dips that make you reach for something sweet/processed. The sugar you are eating causes the dips, it doesn't relieve them.

HotDogGuy · 18/12/2019 06:45

I did the sugar stop challenge app - set myself a 60 day challenge and made it.
There was a really low point around a 5 days in with the worst headaches but that was the sugar withdrawal.

M0nstermunch · 18/12/2019 06:51

The book recommendations look good, question for the people that have given up sugar. Can you still have fruit? I find that the easiest way to get my 5 a day.

TipseyTorvey · 18/12/2019 07:01

There's a YouTube movie called 'that sugar movie' which is really good. Goes into the addiction but is quite funny as well. I truly believe sugar is a drug stronger than nicotine having given up both. But you have to give up the white carbs as well otherwise its hard to break free. Protein and lots of water stop the hunger but the craving isn't hunger, it's your brain seeking the hit so you need to train it off the need.

RoyalChocolat · 18/12/2019 07:20

Go cold turkey, without reducing calories. Eat meat, cheese, eggs and vegetables for a while.
When I am out my go-to lunch is ham and a punnet of cherry tomatoes : easy to get from any supermarket, no prep time, keeps me full for the whole afternoon.

The weight loss and better teeth are not even the best part. Every time I ditch sugar I am amazed at how much energy I have, how much "sharper" I am.

Rainbowx2 · 18/12/2019 07:21

Do you like fruit? If you have some already cut up in the fridge, some yogurt with it feels like a treat.
You have to prepare and have alternatives ready or else you'll just grab a bar a biscuit.
I think you need a breakfast, do you like porridge I thought I didnt but nice with blueberries or raspberries.
I find going cold Turkey too much, headaches, constipation and generally feeling like shit. Then I crack, I find it better to treat myself, even just a mini bar of something. I'd you were only having that compared to what you said you eat you would be doing amazing.
Its Christmas though, sweets everywhere if I were you I'd probably wait till January and work really hard at ot for 2020

chicken2015 · 18/12/2019 07:44

I read david Gillespie sweet posion and went sugar free for 6 months best thing i ever did! After a while and after withdrawals u actually stop wanting it and also if u do have it u feel really rubbish. Ive stopped and started twice now in last 2 years, but plan to stop again 1st jan. Def recommend the book

chicken2015 · 18/12/2019 07:45

First time 6 months second was 8 months

Miniloso · 18/12/2019 07:46

Sugar will age your skin so badly. It breaks down collagen. Think about that when you get tempted!

MamaNewtNewt · 18/12/2019 08:04

I gave up sugar recently and basically went cold turkey. It was awful for a few days with cravings and had headaches but once that was done it has been easier than I expected. Also now I have seen the weight coming off that is helping to keep me motivated. I'm not 100% off sugar, I had a bit of cake at a family birthday, but it tasted way too sweet so I just stopped eating it - most unlike me! I also have more energy.

DumbFlagScum · 18/12/2019 08:10

OP, have a big protein breakfast, like an omelette.... It will keep you full for hours.

You need to stabilise your blood sugar.... Your diet sounds quite snacky.

Saltdoughmuncher · 18/12/2019 08:25

I am just returning to work from maternity leave so need to work out a better routine. Yesterday was a bad day so I grabbed whatever was at hand.

After Christmas I need to only stock the cupboards with better choices so that I can grab something.

Cutting out carbs is a bit too extreme for me at the minute. I think I need to start replacing the sweets and chocolates with other things before I complete restyle my meal choices.

For those asking, no I can’t eat vegetables but I will eat fruit. I have recovered from an eating disorder and vegetables are one area that I really can’t manage yet.

OP posts:
SidSparrow · 18/12/2019 08:31

Fruit = sugar

So I'd go easy on that too

Mrscog · 18/12/2019 08:34

My advice would be to go cold turkey but to get over the cravings don’t worry about being healthy straight away so allow super faty but savour foods - nuts, cheese, ham etc. Then wean off this once you’ve broken the sugar cravings.

QuickstepQueen · 18/12/2019 08:38

I gave up sugar 2 years ago - I went cold turkey. Took 6 months then I started allowing myself puddings at restaurants, they never tasted as good as I'd imagined. I'm pleased to say that I have it under control - I can have an odd sweet treat if I really fancy it but mostly I don't.

ToTravelIsToLive · 18/12/2019 08:39

Only drink water and cut out all chocolate and cookies etc. Have fruit at the times you crave sugar. You will feel rubbish for a few days but so much better after and once you do you can reduce other bad things from your diet. If you can't eat veg what about salad?

Honeybee85 · 18/12/2019 08:45

It’s hard OP.
I had a coca cola addiction in the past.

My advice would be to gradually start eating less and less sugary things until it has become a treat instead of thoughtlessly stuffing your mouth with sweets on a daily basis (I don’t mean to be offensive but this was how it was with coca cola for me). It will be hard in the beginning but you’ll feel better about yourself soon. I only drink coca cola as a special treat during meals out or a small can on sathurday and I honestly don’t miss it anymore. Good luck!🍀

Honeybee85 · 18/12/2019 08:47

I see now that you’re recovering from an eating disorder. In that case I think you need support.
See a dietitian or a therapist to help you manage your food in a healthy way.

Also don’t buy sweets anymore. What isnt there, you can’t eat.

RibenaMonsoon · 18/12/2019 09:00

If you don't have a slow cooker, get one.
Shove a bolognaise in there. As you feel able, start adding veggies. I buy them ready chopped and frozen so it's so unbelievably quick and easy.
If you are trying to get veggies into your diet slowly, try grating carrot into the bolognaise. If the bolognaise is left on all day in the slow cooker the carrot will just mush down into the sauce so it will be like it's not even there when you are eating it.

Your current diet is diabetes waiting to happen. Can you start with diet soft drinks to try to ween yourself off them?

Honeybee85 · 18/12/2019 09:06

Sorry @RibenaMonsoon your advice re veggies sounds great but I certainly wouldn’t start drinking diet soft drinks. OP has written that her eating habits have caused damage to her teeth and diet soft drinks, especially coca cola light, are usually very acicid drinks (also things like Fanta, Sprite etc). They will slowly erase your tooth enamel.
My dentist who I visit and friend who is a dentist both say they’re Satan’s liquid for teeth enamel.

RibenaMonsoon · 18/12/2019 09:10

I've heard that about diet drinks. However it's with a view to coming off of those too.
Cold turkey doesn't necessarily work for everyone.

paranoidmum2 · 18/12/2019 09:40

Diet drinks don’t work as they raise your insulin and also make you feel more entitled to eat other food. It’s not easy going cold turkey, but switching to diet drinks will not help at all.

Saltdoughmuncher · 18/12/2019 12:23

I’m happy without the fizzy drinks, I don’t drink them often anyway. I do drink no added sugar squash all day though and can’t give that up. I don’t drink tea or coffee at all.

I could eat veg if cut small and mixed into somewhere where I can’t taste it, so using the slow cooker more is a good idea.

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