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Mild christmas card annoyances

2 replies

Shoxfordian · 17/12/2019 19:51

We've had more than one card addressed to Mr and Mrs Oxford but I didn't change my name when I married Mr Oxford. It's annoying. These cards are from people who know or should know that I didn't change it. Grr.

I'm definitely not unreasonable to be annoyed. Anyone else this happens to? Grr again.

OP posts:
TheClausSeason · 17/12/2019 19:53

I stopped sending cards a couple of years back for environmental reasons. Join me, OP. Eventually, you just stop receiving them and then you don't have to worry about this kind of thing.

Strongmummy · 17/12/2019 19:54

Happens to me too, from older relatives. Yes I find it annoying, but can’t he arsed to say anything.

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