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To give the presents I've already bought (and I know they'll enjoy)?

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Fros · 17/12/2019 13:55

I have quite a few board games, and my niblings really enjoy playing them.

My SIL has been very particular about things, especially for the children - natural fabrics only for clothes, no plastic (or batteries) for toys. It's not that she's concerned about the environment, she's said quite frequently that climate change is inevitable so we shouldn't try to slow it, and she's a big consumer of single-use plastic.

During their last visit early November, SIL and I were discussing plans for Christmas (as I help out with childcare in school holidays) and she suggested buying a few games for the children.

Great! I already knew what games they all like and what they can manage without supervision/support, and it was early enough that I could find a good price.

Yesterday she called for something unrelated and happened to mention presents, and from the context it was clear that she was expecting that I'd bought the wooden versions of classic games like monopoly and cludo.

AIBU to pretend that the call didn't happen/that I didn't understand the hints and give them the games they'll enjoy?

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Nousernameforme · 17/12/2019 14:00

Look on it as a request not a demand. If she says owt just tell her you had already bought the gifts and were too busy now to change them


heartsonacake · 17/12/2019 14:03

I think YABU before the phone call. You knew she didn’t like plastic and would prefer any games to be bought as wooden ones, yet you went ahead and bought plastic anyway.

I think that shows you really don’t care how your SIL wants to bring up her children and you’ll give her whatever you prefer/whatever conveniences you.


BillHadersNewWife · 18/12/2019 00:54

Wooden versions?? Wooden Monopoly? Is there such a thing?


heartsonacake · 18/12/2019 00:59

Wooden versions?? Wooden Monopoly? Is there such a thing?

BillHadersNewWife Yes there is. Google it.


jessyjo2 · 18/12/2019 01:05

If u give my children those gifts I would like to think I would just b grateful and not turn my nose up at them.


Stressedout10 · 18/12/2019 01:06

Have you seen the price of the wooden monopoly set ffs
Yanbu she is being a cf


2018SoFarSoGreat · 18/12/2019 01:08

Crazy! My DH bought me a new Scrabble set (we have 2; neither can be found since the move - perhaps he donated them, hoping I'd forget to ask him to play with me :)) and it is wooden. I checked, and it costs way over 150. That's ridiculous!


FoamingAtTheUterus · 18/12/2019 01:09

If she's a big user of single use plastic then she's a disgusting hypocrite.........she wants the wooden version because it's more aesthetically pleasing. Kids don't care about stuff like that therefore yanbu.

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