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Things We Absolutely Love About Christmas

47 replies

hazell42 · 17/12/2019 09:02

OK, doom-mongers, I think it is time we stopped pretending to hate Christmas, and talk about all the things we love (we do love it really, don't we?)
I'll start:
I love the mad rush at Christmas, because it puts me in the Christmas spirit. Lots of people jostling round the shops with bags, and faces red from the cold, and the exertion.
I love meeting up with friends I haven't seen for a while
I love buying gifts for the people I love, and trying to pick something that they will love
I love having everyone round for dinner, and remembering to make the bread sauce just the way DS2 likes it, and the stuffing the way DS1 likes it.
I love inviting people I don't much care for into my home, so I can feel smug about my innate goodness.
I used to love buying presents for the kids when they were little and pretending that they came from Father Christmas. (Not taking credit for a gift you give is pretty much the embodiment of the Christmas spirit). I still try to pretend they are from FC but my kids are no longer buying it. Shame.
I don't have a TV so I have not been inundated with adverts since July, and I love that too.
Surely, we're not all a bunch of Scrooges on here.
What do you love about Christmas?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are being unreasonable
You are NOT being unreasonable
speakout · 17/12/2019 11:08

A lovely thread OP.

I love lots of things about christmas, the christmas tree, I adore wrapping presents, the excuse for an extra tipple through the week. Candles, ice candles, time off work, cheese, just all of it really!!

PrincessHoneysuckle · 17/12/2019 11:09

The fact that you can justify drinking more often.

The xmas tree and

Seeing ds face on xmas morning

Getting together as a family and eating loads.

Time off work.

Xmas films

PhilSwagielka · 17/12/2019 11:10

Caga Tio is hilarious. A pooping log!

Christmas is also my mum's birthday. And no, we don't get her joint Christmas/birthday presents.

Chottie · 17/12/2019 11:15

OP - thank your for starting this poster, so many gloom mongers around :)

I love Christmas because it is a time to enjoy time with family and friends. My home is full of Christmas lights and greenery and friendship and happiness. Yes, there are some people who are no longer with us, we remember them, we raise a toast to them and give thanks that they were in our lives.

I refuse to be pressured or feel stressed by Christmas, if the sprouts are over cooked so what?

Merry Christmas everyone :)

thiscouldbethehill · 17/12/2019 11:52

Making my house look lovely.
Christmas lights everywhere.
Loads of gorgeous food.
Loads of nice booze.
Socialising with friends.
Watching my family open their presents.
Seeing my DC delight in all of it from the lights to the presents to the little traditions that must be observed every year.

hazell42 · 17/12/2019 11:53

I refuse to be pressured or feel stressed by Christmas, if the sprouts are over cooked so what?

Perhaps that's the key? I think the same. If something isn't quite perfect with the dinner, if the tree decorations are a bit shit, or someone has scoffed all the chocolates, so what?

It's the struggle to make it 'the bestest Christmas ever' that kills it, I think. It doesn't need to be the best. It's even OK if some of it is a bit shit. Once you take that expectation to provide the bestest then you can relax and enjoy it

OP posts:
Seriouslyconfused3 · 17/12/2019 12:09

Christmas Eve! So much better than Christmas Day just feels all magical. Love watching the Santa tracker with dc and we always have a little tea party.

Tbf I love Christmas in general though

Tana433 · 17/12/2019 12:57

@Seriouslyconfused3 I completely agree. Christmas eve is so much better than Christmas day and Boxing day even better again. All the stress of getting the dinner just right and keeping all the family happy has gone and its a day for me to chill in my pyjamas, eat and drink whatever i want and catch up on a boxset. Bliss

rhubarbcrumbles · 17/12/2019 13:00

Cheater !

Xmas Grin Couldn't resist it....

Xmas past was better than Xmas present so the main thing I like is the DCs being off school and having time together and lie ins when we want them. It's all different with 3 teenagers who just want the gifts

Mintjulia · 17/12/2019 13:07

Xmas carols, no school run, the chance to cook without being in a rush, the chance to do most things without being in a rush, cycling on Xmas afternoon,
Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon for breakfast, log fires, sparkly lights on the eaves, the smell of real Xmas tree. Watching my ds’s glee Smile

JingleBellsFartlekSmells · 17/12/2019 13:14

I like that bit between Christmas and Hogmanay when everywhere quietens down. No mad rush to do anything, many businesses are closed, people are in a food coma from constantly eating. We generally just loaf around the house making brief forays out for short walks and milk. Can't wait!!!

Arrivederci · 17/12/2019 13:24

I love walking through shopping centres and hearing people quietly singing along to the Christmas music

TakemedowntoPotatoCity · 17/12/2019 13:28

Glittery things everywhere. Oh I love sparkly stuff.

Titsywoo · 17/12/2019 13:29

The lights and decorations, the food, the music, family time, socialising, the Xmas tv and films. I love it but I dont find it stressful and I keep Xmas day as a chilled family day with no cooking so I can relax!

70sWitch · 17/12/2019 13:40

All of it! Xmas Grin

But especially decorating the house and the PRESENTS. Xmas GrinXmas GrinXmas Grin

Even the rubbish ones. 🎁

theoriginalmadambee · 17/12/2019 13:54

Ooh didn't think anyone would admit to loving Christmas on MN Grin.

I'm Scandi, we celebrate Christmas on the eve of the 24th. My favorite is finally sitting down at the lovely laid table, dark outside, everything smelling of roast duck and yes just the smell and feel of Christmas 🥰. The calm, the hygge, the candlelights, the traditions, the loved ones.

xoblossom · 17/12/2019 14:01

I wasn't feeling very Christmassy yet but reading this thread has made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Xmas Smile

I am a Christian so of course my favourite thing is the cause and meaning behind the day.

However, I also love going shopping last minute and will often find excuses to go out shopping on Christmas Eve as it is just magical. It is exactly like the World Cup final as the previous poster suggested where everyone is a group rather than individuals with individual errands. Everyone has gone out with the same thoughts in mind of grabbing things for Christmas Day. You can look in people's trolleys or baskets and know why they have had to make this trip - maybe they had ran out of wrapping paper so made a last minute dash, someone buying gravy as they had forgotten and of course, perhaps my favourite cliche Christmas Eve shopper to people watch, the boyfriend/husband buying his loved one their present incredibly last minute.

Then after all that rushing around, you get to around 6pm on Christmas Eve and everything is closed and social events are finished and you kind of retreat into your close family for Christmas Day. It is this sacred day where anything outside of family is forgotten about. There is no other day like it.

Sallycinnamum · 17/12/2019 14:54

I love the sparkly lights, the feeling of closing the door on Xmas Eve and knowing we don't have to be anywhere for a few days.

Spending time with family and friends, the parties and dressing up and the booze!

I was out on Friday night and even though I know as a nation we drink way too much seeing people in their party clothes, carrying gift bags and giggling makes me smile.

Electrocute1980 · 17/12/2019 15:08

I love Christmas! Buying gifts for loved ones, doing the Christmas menu with mum, DH and the kids being off for two weeks, Christmas Eve once everybody is home and we open the Christmas Eve roses and watch a muppets Christmas carol! The kids faces on Christmas morning, then I love Boxing Day as we have the day at home just us and the kids, play with all the new toys and games and eat leftovers. It's brilliant Xmas Smile

flirtygirl · 17/12/2019 15:39

Disclaimer I don't celebrate Xmas and never have done.

However at this time of year, I love seeing the lit up houses, that's probably my favourite thing.

I love Xmas television but no longer have a TV licence, so will watch what I can on catch up and online.

I love that it makes some people nicer when out and about.

I love that I get to spend 2 or 3 days inside without feeling guilty. Even though I normally spend that inside, for those 3 days, 24th 25th 26th, I know no one is having any expectations on me going out including my kids.

I like reading the Xmas threads on mumsnet to hear all the family dysfunction and all the family love. Especially the food threads but 13 different types of veg at Xmas meal wow.

I love the bargains after well from 24th really.

I love the ebay sales in January and February that are clearly unwanted presents.

flirtygirl · 17/12/2019 15:41

And Lebkuchen. Already sold out in the nearest lidl to me but I will go hunting when I visit my mum this week as her town has 3 lidls.

rhubarbcrumbles · 17/12/2019 15:46

Stollen cake. Lebkuchen as well, thankfully still in stock here.

Going to the beach on xmas day, not done that for years though.


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