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The Great British Christmas TV Schedule Debate

31 replies

SlayingDragons · 17/12/2019 08:49

I have a sick child at home and so my mum very kindly picked up a few bits and pieces for me at the shops as I can’t go out. She got everything I needed and more, but realised she’d forgotten to pick up the Christmas TV Times which she thought would keep me distracted when DD isn’t up to much. She sent my dad back out to buy it for me, but he came back with the Radio Times instead.

He is adamant that RT is better and the true Christmas special. Mum is adamant that as no-one actually listens to the radio (and therefore we don’t need the radio listings) that the TV Times is the best.

I couldn’t care less, and am just very thankful for the shopping they brought me, but their bickering about which Christmas TV Schedule is best is now on day 2 and is cracking me up.

*disclaimer - they are also arguing about which one they normally buy with dad swearing blind that they get the RT every year and have done for decades, while mum swears (without actually swearing - she is far too proper for that!) that she hasn’t bought the RT for years! So who knows what the precedent actually is!

So - wise people of MN - which is it? Radio Times Christmas Special OR
TV Times Christmas Special??

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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sweeneytoddsrazor · 17/12/2019 08:50

Never buy either just use the guide on the tv


Bloatstoat · 17/12/2019 09:09

Radio times, definitely! It makes Christmas for me, DH doesn't understand at all, I think it's a childhood thing as my sister has to get it too. Never buy any listing magazine the rest of the year.


AllYouGoodGoodPeople · 17/12/2019 09:11

Radio Times, obviously.

I think this goes back to RT=BBC and TV Times= ITV and I wasn't allowed to watch ITV until I was about 14.


user1493494961 · 17/12/2019 09:17

We don't buy one now, we look on-line. Actually, I don't know anyone who does buy one as elderly relatives still buy a weekend paper and get a free guide with that.


user1493494961 · 17/12/2019 09:18

Should have added, when we did buy one it was the Radio Times!


PiggyPlumPie · 17/12/2019 09:21

Radio Times - like a PP, we never buy a listing magazine through the year but have to have the Christmas RT!


Veterinari · 17/12/2019 09:23

Always the RT


BooksAreMyOnlyFriends · 17/12/2019 09:24

Radio Times here. It does seem a bit daft buying it when the listings are all on the TV, but I like reading about what's on and get a nostalgic thrill out of highlighting what I want to watch.


SillyUnMurphy · 17/12/2019 09:25

Radio Times. And I do still listen to the radio as well as watch TV.


SlayingDragons · 17/12/2019 09:40

Well I’ve just been through the TV Times (mum actually stopped at a shop on the way to my house to get “the right one” for me) and highlighted and circled everything I want to watch. I have to say that I think my dad might be right. Like other PPs, we never buy a listings magazine through the year but I do pick one up at Christmas. (As do my parents clearly). I haven’t give it much thought before now, but I think it must be the RT I usually buy because this TV Times seems rather thin - not very substantial shall we say - definitely lacking something.

I might have to sneak out once older DC get home tonight to buy the RT too to properly compare!

OP posts:

Rosehip10 · 17/12/2019 09:43

TV times is for C2DE groups.


SerenDippitty · 17/12/2019 09:44

Radio Times. Childhood thing for me too, although when I was a child you had to get both, and be sharp about it because they sold out.


SlayingDragons · 17/12/2019 09:46

Ooh - what is C2DE?!?

OP posts:

Iamallatsea · 17/12/2019 09:46

Dare I mention it, I find a certain DM newspaper’s TV magazine very good for Christmas / New Year viewing planning and it’s cheaper.


AnneShirleysNewDress · 17/12/2019 09:46

Never buy it now but has to be the Radio Times. I'm now thinking I might have to go and buy a copy Xmas Smile


LaurieMarlow · 17/12/2019 09:48


Social class grouping.

Has to be the RT.


MyChristmasBauble · 17/12/2019 09:55

I always buy the Radio Times - it’s a Christmas tradition of mine.
I don’t know why I bother though because I rarely watch TV and I’m absolutely not interested in reading about vacuous BBC ‘talent’ and what they’ve been up to.


SlayingDragons · 17/12/2019 10:00

Oh ha! That’s quite funny actually. My DF was solidly working class growing up, but would now be considered solidly middle class. My DM, on the other hand, has always been very solidly middle class - not just in terms of finances/family professions etc, but in culture. Neither of my parents are snobs, but my mum definitely has her standards!

OP posts:

BlythesEyes · 17/12/2019 10:02

I looked at the price of both of them and at £5 rip off price decided to buy a different one altogether for £1.30.
I can buy a hardback book for £5 in WHSmith Hmm


NameChangeNugget · 17/12/2019 10:08

Haven’t bought the Christmas radio times for about 20 years now but, used to be a bit of an institution. I’d never buy the TV Times


LadyCordeliaVorkosigan · 17/12/2019 11:42

RT. Better crossword and puzzles and articles about programmes I watch (mostly) as opposed to soaps etc I don't.


Misscromwellrocks · 17/12/2019 11:50

Radio Times. TV Times is full of soap related stuff.


SlayingDragons · 17/12/2019 11:54

Yes! There were several pages about soaps! Definitely going to pick up the RT and hide it from my mum when she comes over to avoid WWIII starting

OP posts:

Ocomeocomeimaginaryfleas · 17/12/2019 16:39

Radio Times by a mile. I'm thinking of renewing my subscription as the current offer is so good.

I've tried the cheaper TV Break type mags and they are dreadful.


flouncyfanny · 17/12/2019 16:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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