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To ask for ideas of something interesting to do on Boxing Day?

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Rhootintootinboo · 16/12/2019 22:36

I’ll be desperate to get out of the house and blow the cobwebs off. I know I can go for a generic Boxing Day walk but I’m wondering what else I could do or where else I can go. No shopping. No eating. Drawing a blank on google. I’m not in London (loads going on there!) TIA

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TorysSuckRevokeArticle50 · 16/12/2019 22:39

Cinema, local attraction/national trust site

MrsJoshNavidi · 16/12/2019 22:41

Beach if you're anywhere near.
Football or rugby match?
Pub lunch
Invite friends for old time sherry morning

FrankinsenseKnuckle · 16/12/2019 22:41

You could do my day shift if you like!
Must like wearing green, GSOBH (good sense of black humour), thick skin and common sense.

Fucck · 16/12/2019 22:51

Bike ride, we did a local cycle route last year. Kids hated it. It was fab.

BackforGood · 16/12/2019 23:19

Loads of sporting fixtures happen on Boxing Day - from the big Premier League Football Games to the local teams / races / events. It is a traditional day for all sorts of big 'meets'.

Rhootintootinboo · 17/12/2019 00:08

Thank you. I’ll hit search engines again. Can’t find any likely event candidates around me. And sorry frankincense, I wouldn’t mind working but fear I may be woefully under qualified to do your job! It’s prompted me to have a look see if there’s any volunteering I can do tho...

OP posts:
MrsJoshNavidi · 17/12/2019 21:22

Where are you OP?

AdoptedBumpkin · 17/12/2019 21:25

I would suggest a sporting event if that is your thing. Will you be alone or with family?

KarmaStar · 17/12/2019 22:41

Join the hunt sabs from stopping fox hunting.

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