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Just found out ex p is a high earner, he's paid minimal CM for 13 years should I go through the courts

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babyface83 · 16/12/2019 13:16

My ex partner moved to Australia in 2006 and from around 2008 he has been paying £98 a month maintenance. In the past I have stated that it isn't much of a contribution as daughter had several after school activities, a private maths tutor etc but ex p has always refused to pay more as he said he isn't earning much. He is married, has two step sons and a son of his own with new wife. Ex p has had minimal contact with DD which is his own choice but I'm also glad about as he has made inappropriate comments about her in the past(regarding puberty) DD has regular contact/sleep overs with his parents.

My dd came home last week and said her grandad was going on about how well her dad is doing professionally and financially, and let slip that he is earning £100k!!!! I couldn't believe it, I knew he did well but didn't realise it was to that extent. When I was a single parent I really struggled financially, I lived in a really deprived area as rent was low, it was such a hard time in my life but after putting myself through uni I got a decent paid job and now I am in a comfortable position. I'm also married to an amazing man who is a fantastic father to my DD.

What I'm wanting advice on is

1, has anyone gone through REMO to get child maintenance payments and what was your experience?

  1. My daughter was 16 in March, she is doing her A Levels. How long would he have to pay maintenance for?

  1. Should I even bother going through this process. I don't need the money but I feel it's the principle of ex p not being financially responsible for DD.

  1. Contact ex p and inform him I am seeking legal action?

Or AIBU and should just leave the arrangement as it is?

I have made initial contact with REMO and my enforcement unit but it could take a month until they get back to me.
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