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Well I know I am a bit, but am frustrated...

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kitsandbits · 24/08/2007 09:43

That the item that I bought off ebay is quite local, but i dont drive, however my dad is travelling to that area today and said he would pick it up for me.

But the person hasnt replied to my emails, sent me an invoice but hasnt managed to tell e her adress - so Im going to have to pay £5.99 for it to be courired about 5 miles!

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bubblerock · 24/08/2007 09:49

Can't you get her address and telephone number from Ebay?


kitsandbits · 24/08/2007 09:50

Lol, but then I cant just turn up can I?? I be mortified if someone from ebay did that to me!!

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totaleclipse · 24/08/2007 09:51

If you can get her phone number you could call her.


LIZS · 24/08/2007 09:51

You're being impatient. If they live that close can't you dad drive over the 5 miles again for you ?


kitsandbits · 24/08/2007 09:55

My dad works nights and sleeps all day. Hes only going out driving as my sister needs her college equiptment.

My mums had an operation and isnt allowed to drive, and have no other way of getting there with 2 kids.

Its today or Courrier.

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kitsandbits · 24/08/2007 10:52

Still nothing, Dads agreed to go a bit later in hopes ill be contacted soon.

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kitsandbits · 24/08/2007 13:58

How do I request her phone number?

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kitsandbits · 24/08/2007 14:01

Done it! lol

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