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Cervical stitch (Cerclage) / Short Cervix

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user1485031714 · 15/12/2019 18:27

Hi all mums and future mums

With my first son I had an emergency csection fully dilated and now pregnant for second time. At a 16 week check up midwife asked if I’d been checked for short cervix.... complete news to me!!! but apparently anyone in my situation is likely to have short cervix / high risk of preterm birth.

My OH and I made decision to do preventative cervical stitch at 17 weeks but there is no guarantee baby will make it. I’m now going insane counting down the 20 weeks until baby can be born safely at 37.

Anyone out there with cervix stitch experience and how long it lasted until they went into labour? And the removing of it too?

Thanks x

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