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To ask for help with a food shop?

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eastmeanswestmum · 15/12/2019 16:03

So I have a 5 year old DS and my DD was 1 a couple of weeks ago!
Single mum and I’m really struggling to get out and do a food shop atm due to the amount of bugs we seem to keep getting so I’m thinking of doing a food shop online tonight to come tomorrow.
Iceland have delivery slots available but I’ve never shopped here ? Is it ok?
I work Monday - Thursday so I definitely need to order food in, usually I would have dragged them both shopping today but their so poorly!

So basically please help with what to get!
I’m desperately trying to keep costs down but want my children to eat well- and I’m on my own so it needs to be something fairly simple as the baby is glued to me.

Any suggestions what I should order ? We seem to be stuck in abit of a rut with pasta and sausages! Luckily my children aren’t fussy at all so will generally eat anything !

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MadamHattie · 15/12/2019 16:31

I use Icelands from time to time and neve had an issue. What to buy really comes down to personal preference but when I want fuss free their meats in the foil trays are great, stick them in and you're pretty much done! Put with some mash and veg they make a really good dinner


mattymoo55 · 15/12/2019 16:35

Just to say if you’ve not online shopped before, do google supermarket voucher codes as there’s some quite good deals for new customers ; we found one for £18 off a £60 shop at Sainsbury's which was quite good.


TheBigFatMermaid · 15/12/2019 16:37

I love an Iceland shop! Great value, quite a lot of decent convenient foods!


Nousernameforme · 15/12/2019 16:38

With iceland stick to frozen and dry goods their fresh stuff is pretty grim and comes with short shelf life.
You can do a pretty large shop for not too much from there and if its over £35 its free delivery.

Lots of frozen veg with everything and don't add salt most of it is bung in oven/microwave but cooking instructions will be on the item page so you can check that out before you buy.


PooWillyBumBum · 15/12/2019 16:41

Start with a meal plan. I.e. write

(Starting from the day your order arrives). Plan meals, including breakfasts and then don’t forget drinks, loo roll, snacks and any cleaning products.

If I’m really stuck I look on BBC Good Food. We are veggie but they have budget and cheap eats recipe collections which are great :)


PooWillyBumBum · 15/12/2019 16:45

E.g. If you got a chicken, white fish/seafood mix, tuna, tinned tomatoes, mixed beans, pasta, rice, potatoes, pizza, salad, yoghurt you could do

Roast chicken with veggies and roast potatoes
Chicken curry (use shredded leftover chicken and add veggies or lentils) with rice (make sauce with spices and yoghurt)
Fish pie and veggies
Tuna pasta and salad
Pizza and salad
Bean chilli and rice

We always have one night where we just have soup or beans on toast as it’s a break for me.


TheLittleBrownFox · 15/12/2019 16:46

They've frozen veg is good, and I like their frozen mashed potato for an easy cheats meal. I don't know what their frozen meat is like.

They have big packets of ham and Turkey off cuts which are good value and very nice meat


eastmeanswestmum · 15/12/2019 16:51

Thanks everyone this is helpful!
I’m constantly finding myself in Aldi grabbing random stuff that I never end up using.
I’ve never bought frozen chicken before- do you cook it from frozen?
Was thinking for things like a stir fry which the kids love

OP posts:

isseywith4vampirecats · 15/12/2019 16:52

their frozen chicken breasts are really good a decent size
the mince beef is good
the meat joints are a decent size
frozen veg is easy to cook
they do gregs bakes which because you are cooking them in the oven yourself are actually not bad
the fish pie mix is varied
the £1 mozzarella stick are nice
burgers go for the mid range not the cheap ones
the big bags of sausages are ok too
their battered fish portions are quite tasty
cant think of anything else as no young children here so we buy lots of things like the bags of paella mix and adult based ready meals


P1nkHeartLovesCake · 15/12/2019 16:52

I haven’t shopped at Iceland in years but I believe its reasonably priced so should fit your budget,

First do a meal plan
Monday, pasta
Tuesday cottage pie & veg
Wednesday chilli & rice
Thursday jacket potato with beans, cheese, tuna or whatever
Friday fish, chips, mushy peas
And so on then order the ingredients for them meals along with breakfast stuff, bread and sandwich filler for lunch and some fresh fruit, milk

If you’ve the freezer space buy frozen veg, no waste and it’s so quick to cook and add to any meal


Nousernameforme · 15/12/2019 16:53

Some of their chicken is cook from frozen some isn't so will be best to check, again it should say on the item page


isseywith4vampirecats · 15/12/2019 16:53

evan though it says on the packets cook from frozen I always get the meat out to defrost in the fridge the day before as wary of cooking meat from frozen oh forgot their pork chops are very good


Floralnomad · 15/12/2019 16:57

It’s not somewhere I generally shop but the salmon en croute is very nice and they usually have a deal on uncle bens rice (6 for £5) .


sueelleker · 15/12/2019 17:01

Their frozen mash is brilliant-my husband prefers it to fresh. And they're the only shop I know that sells pork and beef mix sausages (frozen) Everywhere else just does pork ones.


PlumsGalore · 15/12/2019 17:03

I cook from scratch almost every meal and have no supermarket brand loyalty. One week it’s Aldi the next Booths. I actually really like I Iceland and they have fab seafood and frozen basics. If you are short on time they do also have a huge selection of convenience and ready made meals.

Their stone bake pizza is good as are their wagyu burgers. Some of their desserts are excellent.


Rosehip345 · 15/12/2019 17:04

Iceland are ok but I find Asda better and cheaper. A typical week menu for us looks along the lines of this
Mon-Curry&rice (using roast dinner leftovers)
Tues-Tomato pasta
Wed-Spag bol (using extra of yesterday’s sauce)
Fri- Shepherds pie (prepared day before with excess mash)
Sat- Soup/Stew/Casserole etc (use up anything else)

I cook from scratch and tend to cook too much intentionally so it can be prepared then for the next day or the freezer


Fr0g · 15/12/2019 17:05

I rarely foodshop online, but do go in occasionally - I went in yesterday afternoon, and probably once every six weeks or so.
Frozen veg is good & well priced - my usual reason for going in
I'd just bought some in M&S yesterday, but their meatballs look nice.
Packets of fish are great value.
I like their own-brand veg pizza - £1
Just ate an amazing 'roast dinner in a yorkshire pudding" thing - junk food that I have a yearning for about once a year.
If you're being really lazy, frozen mashed potato pellets that are about the same per kilo as fresh potatoes - you just microwave it, or put a layer on top of mince for cottage pie.
Also super lazy if you're not feeling well - frozen cauliflower cheese. There's usually a packet in my freezer.

Yesterday I got large bags of frozen fruit (cut mango and one of rasberries) that were £3 for two packs; mine will top porridge, but would make an easy desert for child.

their fresh fruit and veg never looks that great.


Nousernameforme · 15/12/2019 17:15

I wouldn't go near ASDA, with some banks they put your money on hold once when before they pick the order ( the cost you ordered) and once when they dispatch it (minus any out of stock or substituted items. If you aren't able to cover the 2nd set of money being on hold they won't dispatch it and you have to wait 3-5 days to get them to let go of the funds. So you are left with no money and no food.
I've been stung by them before


VenusTiger · 15/12/2019 17:36

Veggies and fruit galore.... make soups, slow cooked casseroles, sauces and then buy chicken, beef mince, fish and fish fingers, baked potatoes, tinned fish, salad and dips/humous, porridge, eggs, bread for freezer.


Toomanycats99 · 15/12/2019 17:38

Iceland is cheap for frozen stuff and also cupboard stuff. Not sure all their fresh or things that are not complete basics are that cheap though.


DobbyTheHouseElk · 15/12/2019 17:40

Eggs? Cheap and nutritious.


BlouseAndSkirt · 15/12/2019 17:42

Cheese (or spinach or mushroom) omelette and potatoes
Shepherd's pie - bulk out mince with finely chopped carrot / parsnip etc
Meatballs with spaghetti or rice
Stir Fry
Sausage casserole
Toad in the hole


Rosehip345 · 15/12/2019 18:19

@Nousernameforme I’ve never heard of that before. Our local one must just be ok as been using it years and never had a problem


marchingonwithmother · 15/12/2019 18:47

Same for me rosehip I've got a delivery pass and it's great


macpumpkin1 · 15/12/2019 19:00

Tesco have a £25 off a £70 if you get it delivered or click and collect.

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