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.. to feel sorry for myself even though husband is unwell?

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HarrietSmith · 15/12/2019 14:25

He has a urine infection after having to undergo some tests for a male plumbing problem, and is now on antibiotics

Unfortunately when he is ill he tends to respond by overdoing things, refusing my advice to take it easy and then to be very scatty and hapless and disorganised.

He also then collapses which is what he's done today, as a result of not having slowed down

So yesterday he did stuff like insist on going out to buy a Xmas tree which is all netted up and in the way, but is too unwell to take part in decorating it. (He'd said he wanted to leave it netted up for 8 days being in the way till our adult daughter came home. But he just had to go out and buy it yesterday because it was the right kind, and might disappear otherwise.)

He also insisted on filling the washing machine with laundry yesterday evening because this is 'his job' but then forgot to switch the washing on late, when the cheap electricity comes on so it hasn't been done.

He forgot to put an important family visit in the diary and then started saying it was going to pose a problem when I told him I'd been offered and had accepted some work in the New Year.

He's retired and I do freelance work. So I'd been juggling Christmas preparations with working and trying unsuccessfully to stop him overdoing it. I'm currently not well - just a nasty cold virus - but it means work is a struggle at the moment so at one point last night I said I was going to flake out and have a bath, he said he would make me a cup of tea.

I lay in the bath looking forward to that cup of tea and waited for 20 minutes for it to arrive, because he'd temporarily forgotten his offer to make it..

I had planned to spend most of today reading quietly in bed to get ready for work tomorrow - but he's in there recovering from his over-exertions with the curtains drawn.

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