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Apologies if this is the wrong forum- sensitive question about sexual assault

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PeoniesGinandBags · 14/12/2019 23:20

Apologies for this message which may go in a bit.

In 2007 I was the victim of a pretty horrific sexual assault near my home. There was a trial and the guy was sentencing to just over 11 treats, but this is halved.

Anyway fast forward to the present day and a good friend of mine has take abit of a weird turn. This guy and I get on with brilliantly was asking lots of questions and why I moved for so far away when I had great parents and a lo y home. So, I just told him. I was assaulted, it went to court etc.

He asked lots of questions like ‘who is it’ but since then there’s been nothing. I suspect that he’s feeling some rage a lit what’s happened but I just want to be taking a a out me xx

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