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To think Christmas dinner is actually a posh Sunday roast?

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wineoclockthanks · 14/12/2019 17:07

I was chatting to a friend who was stressing hugely about her Christmas dinner (for 6 people). She was saying she would have to be up at 5am at the latest to start preparing and would need to be in the kitchen for at least 5 hours etc

I know everyone does things differently but I'm not quite sure what the heck she'll be doing in there.

How much time will you (or your other half) be spending in the kitchen?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Cremebrule · 16/12/2019 08:09

It is basically just a roast. We had a chicken this weekend with some pigs in blankets and our Christmas dinner won’t be much different really. But.. often people are catering for far bigger numbers and that’s where it gets tricky with oven space and coordination.

Newmumatlast · 16/12/2019 20:54

I think it depends a. How used to cooking you are and b. How much you enjoy it as to whether or not it feels like a lot. I personally really enjoy cooking a roast and hosting so really enjoy cooking at Christmas too. I usually do at least 4 or 5 types of vegetables (carrots, peas, sweetcorn, broccoli or cauliflower and potatoes) for a sunday lunch so a few more for Christmas isnt much for me to manage. I usually do basic starters but a choice of a few like prawn cocktail, homemade soup, camembert and pate. For dessert I usually buy pre made if I dont have time. It isnt terribly fancy but I enjoy it. It doesnt take me as long as some people have said... we arent talking 5am start for example. If i can pre cook or prep things I will.

That said I think that the most important thing about christmas is being together and enjoying yourself so theres no point being in the kitchen all day and not joining in and no point stressing over cooking. It is better to go simple and effective - something you can manage and everyone will love it regardless as you're together

GlendaSugarbeanIsJudgingYou · 19/12/2019 23:39

I have just seen your post @bridgetreilly and I'm really sorry.

I didn't mean to be such an arse. Flowers

AwakeAmbs · 19/12/2019 23:49

Poor turkeys.

Kit30 · 20/12/2019 00:26

Yes it's just a roast. No idea why people get so vexed about it, but they do. No idea why people get up at the crack of dawn to cook a turkey when they've got an oven with an automatic timer. Easiest way to cook beef is to do it for 24 hours- comes out perfectly.

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