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Going back to work after FESS- sick note

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sadthewaylifeturnedout · 14/12/2019 16:20

I have had FESS 10 days ago. I have been largely off sick since then and I have a sick note from the doctor until 22nd Dec. I'm feeling ok but when I asked HR they told me I can't work until the end of my sick note.

Can I go back early? Are there any legal implications? Should I work from home instead

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Am I being unreasonable?


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WhoWants2Know · 14/12/2019 16:24

I don't know what FESS is, but employers often insist that you stay off until the sick note has run out because their insurance won't cover you working. Depending on your job, that may include working from home.


sadthewaylifeturnedout · 14/12/2019 16:25

Sorry it's endoscopic sinus surgery

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FaithInfinity · 14/12/2019 16:28

2 weeks is standard with a FESS because it can be quite a long recovery time. If you’re feeling better you could always see your GP and ask for a fit note so you can return?


rubydoobydoo · 14/12/2019 16:29

I had this once and tried to go back to work when still covered by a sick note - they practically escorted me out of the building as I wasn't covered by their insurance whilst signed off!
I just had to go back to the doctor and get another note saying I was fit to work and they left me back in.


ohwheniknow · 14/12/2019 16:31

If you want to go back early speak to GP and ask them to certify you as fit to work. Until then you can't - either at home or on site.


Spitsandspots · 14/12/2019 16:57

Well I’m wishing I hadn’t googled to see what the procedure was! Glad you feel so well after such a hideous looking procedure.


Oysterbabe · 14/12/2019 17:01

If they allowed you back and something went wrong at work you could sue and their insurance wouldn't cover them.


dietcokemum · 14/12/2019 17:03

All this advice is wrong. I'm a GP, we don't do fit to work notes and you can go back whenever you feel ready. Speak to HR as your manager doesn't know what she is talking about.


sadthewaylifeturnedout · 14/12/2019 17:18

@dietcokemum thanks. This was from HR but I'll try again on Monday and see if I can speak to someone who knows a bit more. I got the impression that the person I spoke to was fairly inexperienced.

OP posts:

BergamotMouse · 14/12/2019 17:20

This happened to me after being off with severe pregnancy sickness. The doctor had to write me a new sick note ending the day I wanted to return to work.


NeedAnExpert · 14/12/2019 17:22

HR bod here. Fit notes replaced sick notes years ago and are advisory. If your employer wants to prevent your return they’ll need medical evidence from someone like occupational health.


PlomBear · 14/12/2019 19:47

I would milk the time off as much as possible if you get occupational sick pay!


Tinysarah1985 · 14/12/2019 22:17

I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery in October and was signed off for 2 weeks. I only work 4 hours a day at a doctors surgery but felt absolutely exhausted for another 2 weeks after I went back to work. Stay off as long as you're signed off for


MumW · 14/12/2019 22:19

DH had similar issues - told he wouldn't be covered by insurance until sick note expired.

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