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To think that this is the best emoji ever

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TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 14:53

Xmas Hmm

Speaks for itself.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are being unreasonable
You are NOT being unreasonable
TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 14:54

And although I do not wish to kill off the Christmas spirit, it fits in very well with my feelings towards the election result.

OP posts:
TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:00
Xmas Hmm
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70sWitch · 14/12/2019 15:04

There's a photo somehere of my little brother aged about 8 in a Santa hat that looks just like that Xmas Hmm

recrudescence · 14/12/2019 15:07

Speaks for itself.

Which is why you explained it in the next post.

TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:13

Oh come off it recrudescence.

That was just me creating an opportunity to use it again.

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TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:14

Like in this post

Xmas Hmm

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steff13 · 14/12/2019 15:15

I'm fond of this one: 🤷

recrudescence · 14/12/2019 15:17

If that emoji ‘spoke for itself’ you wouldn’t have needed to tell us it represented your feelings about the election.

firstimemamma · 14/12/2019 15:19

Grin will always be my number one.

TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:22

I agree @firstimemamma

Grin is the very best.

OP posts:
TheNameGames · 14/12/2019 15:23

Confused Is my favourite, especially used for a patronising or nonsensical post.

OP: I was driving down the road at 11pm last night and...

Reply: What were you doing driving at 11pm? Confused

TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:23


I've never been sure what that monkey one means.

Can someone enlighten me?

OP posts:
TheNameGames · 14/12/2019 15:25

I've never been sure what that monkey one means.

Can someone enlighten me?

That’s a person, not a monkey......ConfusedWink

steff13 · 14/12/2019 15:27

It's not a monkey, it's a woman, and she's throwing her hands up, in an "I don't know" posture. I use it sarcastically mostly, but also when I genuinely don't know something.

TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:27

Xmas Hmm

It looks like a monkey shrugging its shoulders to me.

OP posts:
TheNameGames · 14/12/2019 15:29

Monkey —> 🐵🙈🙉🙊
Person —> 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️💁‍♀️🙋‍♀️


TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:29


I have now enlarged the "monkey" emoji and I concede that it is, in fact, a woman throwing up her hands.

OP posts:
livingthegoodlife · 14/12/2019 15:30

I always think the woman with her hands up looks like a woman jumping out of a cardboard box...."Surprise!" 🤣

TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:30


Thank you so much for your assistance.

I can't get most of the emojis in any case. My laptop only has a limited selection available. Hmm

OP posts:
TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:31

Or should that have been Xmas Hmm

OP posts:
TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:32

That face always looks so cross Hmm

But it looks even crosser with the unwanted Christmas hat on its head Xmas Hmm

OP posts:
TheNameGames · 14/12/2019 15:34

How does your laptop only have a limited selection of emojis available? Xmas Confused (ok, I’ll stop now lol)Wink

TheMustressMhor · 14/12/2019 15:36

I dunno, NameGanes.

There is a short list of "smiley hints" available. No monkeys.

OP posts:
TheNameGames · 14/12/2019 15:42

Bookmark emojipedia as a favourite on your browser Smile

steff13 · 14/12/2019 15:56

livingthegoodlife, she could be used for that, too. See, she's the best; so versatile. 🤷🎊

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