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To get upset when my doctor questions what I am feeding my LO because my iron levels are low?

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fairysnuff · 23/08/2007 22:21

My iron levels have been low since I was pregnant and I don't think they have ever really improved, they are always taking blood from me!
The doctor questioned my eating habits (fair enough) but then questioned what my LO was getting. Reckoning that if I was not eating well, she was not eating well?

I don't think I do too badly.
We eat fresh food, DH cooks, but mainly meat and at least one veg (thats where I fall down, sometimes it is just the tatties and meat. I emphasise sometimes though)
DD and I are always eating fruit. She gets yoghurts, and my milk. Shredded wheat thingies.
All that stuff!
There are people sooo much worse out there. I felt unjustly attacked and questioned!
^Am IBU??

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Brangelina · 23/08/2007 22:33

YANBU, I'm always getting asked/being citicised because both my DD and I are vegetarian and where I live they don't understand it.

IS your DD frequently ill? Does she lack energy? Is she disastrously pale? If the answer to these is no then she's not iron deficient.

You should eat more veg though, it helps with iron absorption from the meat. Also, try snacking on dried fruit mixed with fresh (eg. apples with raisins), nuts, seeds etc. and choose wholemeal bread over white. It's not too hard to up your iron, you don't need a huge amount all at once, lots of small amounts during the day all add up too.


hoolagirl · 23/08/2007 23:02

I think YABU.
Whats wrong with your doctor asking about you and your LO's diet. He is just trying to get to the bottom of your low iron levels and its reasonable to think if you are missing something from your diet (albiet unknowingly) then your LO might also be missing something.
Just being a good doctor instead of stuffing your full of pills without taking an interest.


fairysnuff · 23/08/2007 23:53

Yeah, see I can see it from both sides.
He is a lovely man, but I felt as if I was being criticised for my iron levels being low therefore I am not being a good enough mother.
If you are not looking after you, you can't possibly be looking after her.
I also felt that he got the impression that I was one of these fussy eaters who turn their noses up at veggies. Couldn't be further from the truth! I am am foodie! I love food, any kind.
My MIL asked me once what I didn't like and all I could think on was custard and jelly!!

I prefer wholemeal to white bread. I guess maybe I should/could be eating raisins and things as well as my fruit. But DD does eat them too, already.
See, I make sure she gets a good diet but just let my own slip a little, because I am a lazy cook!

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fairysnuff · 23/08/2007 23:57

I think they are overly worrying about me really. I am not frequently ill, lacking in energy, though I am terribly pale, but I am of irish descent

Maybe it upset me when he questioned my TTC, saying it was perhaps irresponsible to try when I was not in tip top condition.

I wonder if my levels have always been low but no-one checked before?
My mum was aneamic for years?

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RedFraggle · 24/08/2007 09:21

I think your GP was right to chat to you - I'm sure he wasn't meaning to criticise your parenting. Slightly low iron levels can rapidly become worse. Having been extremely anaemic a few times, I can tell you it is horendous and can be very serious. Also, he might be thinking that it is not just your iron levels that are low but you could missing other vitamins. This could explain why he questioned your diet.
As for not TTC, if he is trying to get to the bottom of the iron levels he might want to run tests which he wouldn't want to if you were pregnant. For example, I am lacking B12 and to have it diagnosed I had to swallow radioactive liquid which I could not have done if I might have been pregnant.
Just a thought....


whiskeyandbeer · 24/08/2007 11:18

doctor was just doing his job and looking out for your kids. it might seem a bit upfront and tactless but it is better than having a doctor just going through the motions and not paying attention.


fairysnuff · 24/08/2007 17:27

I am getting a resounding YABU from everyone I mention it to!

I guess I was just over sensitive. But still don't really see that I have any health issues in my general day to day, so can't really see what the fuss is about?

Yes, I will maybe think a bit more about DD's diet but don't really feel I want to go having a lifestyle change for me. I don't do That badly!!

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RedFraggle · 24/08/2007 19:14

You never know - you might just fit into a research paper he's writing so he thought he'd grill you for info!
At least your doctor is interested, just been to see mine as I am pretty sure I have PND and she totally fobbed me off - came home feeling even crapper! (If that is possible )


Othersideofthechannel · 24/08/2007 19:16

Isn't dark chocolate supposed to be full of iron!


MerlinsBeard · 24/08/2007 19:24

and guiness too


fairysnuff · 24/08/2007 19:32

O god! Now I am eating the wrong Chocolate!!
And lager!!
I just can't get it right!

Gonna write out what I have eaten all week and show it to him, see what he makes of it.
Then again, thats sounds like a lot of work and he might shout more!

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newgirl · 24/08/2007 19:51

if your iron levels are low i can really recommend spa tone from boots - your pour it into orange juice and its great - tell him about that are you can feel most smug


fairysnuff · 24/08/2007 19:54

Oh Yeah! I have some of that from when I was preggers. But I didn't think I should take it cos I didn't think I had that bad a prob if they were just testing me but not giving me any pills anymore.

Perhaps my head is in a bucket with me shouting, there is nothing wrong with me, what are you all worried about????

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